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Feel like I'm ruining things


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I am feeling immensely pressed and nervous because I cannot find a decent job.My aim is working abroad and it just doesn't seem to work out.Thus I feel constantly worried,tensed and stressed.

My mother keeps repeating that I should find something abroad due to my education and also she strongly dislikes my boyfriend as she believes he holds me back (he doesn't really).

Now my relationship is 2 years now and I can't say anything bad about it.I like all my SO features but recently because of all this stress I started over-thinking and over-analyzing it,always being afraid that its not perfect,not for me and that my mother may be right. I understand its my anxiety talking but can't do anything.And anxiety is getting really bad now.

When we had an argument I felt slight relief in case my SO decided to break up because it would mean no more anxiety and no more struggling with myself (even though its a completely wrong thing to give up).

I am just tired of anxiety,I wish things would work out soon and I would find a harmony with myself.For now I just wish someone would tell me the problems come from my head only so I stop worrying about things that are not even real and stop ruining my relationship.

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I think attachment styles can play a role in anxiety within relationships. Sometimes we worry so much, it can become difficult to enjoy what we have. I don't think any relationship is perfect and that is okay. Are you able get out with your boyfriend and do something fun? Maybe it would help to ease some of your stress?

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