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i dont know but im alone


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i am very very scared and alone my heart hurtts and i want to hurt myself or kill myself even

i have problms with my head maybe or something but my mom is emotionally stunted and never shows emotions unless she has to and my dad is suicidal

I'm graduait ng from highschool soon

and no one approbes of mychoices even tho im going to college for free through scholarships

I feel worhtless tho

i feel wothless and alone andscared and I can barely formulate words and I need help but i don't know how to ask

idk what im even asking for tbh

im sorry

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Welcome to the community.

I'm sorry you feel alone, sad, and afraid. :( It's difficult to not feel supported in the choices we make. Do you have a trusted adult you might confide your feelings to? Perhaps you might talk with the school counselor? I hear you that asking for help is hard. It's okay to reach out for what you need.

Do you enjoy participating in any activities, PP? I hope you can find some ways to feel joy in your life.

We are here to listen if it helps to express yourself.

Take care, PP.

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