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never thought I'd go through this.


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This year I moved out for the first time and after multiple suicide attempts because of how lonely I was I moved back home. Now I'm really scared to move back out again because being alone and I don't know if I'm strong or stable enough to make it alone. My dad is kicking me out in about 20 days and I feel more alone than ever. I feel like my dad just doesn't care. He knows I have tried to kill myself recently and knows It was because of being so lonely but I'm still being cast out. He won't tell me why I'm being kicked out and refuses to talk to me. I feel like I can't breathe from the stress of being scared to be alone and having to juggle bills and work and trying to somehow move out in 20 days. I've been cheated on this year, had my best friend of 4 years break it off with me, lost my job, and my car. I just want to get a break from all of this but there's no relief In sight.

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