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The most recent study on penis size

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I'm surprised there isn't a topic about this already.

This article has a video in it that I highly suggest everyone here watch. It has a urologist talking on a news show about male penis size and male intimacy issues. It was fascinating and it was truly speaking to me.


It's all centered around a study that came out this year that further clarified what an average penis size was and how most men deviate from that. Basically, the average length is 5.2" and girth is 4.6" erect. The interesting thing is that 80% of men on either side of average fall within 1.5" in length.

The black news lady definitely get's a little body negative/dismissive when she asks if "size matters" like the doctor would have a scientific answer to a question of personal preference, but w/e, I guess the news still has to care about ratings. I did like the way he answered that question, though.

Anyway, I found this information encouraging, even if I'm still well below average, that more people are realizing the reality of men and our adequacy concerns.

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Hey I work in health care.....I get a real random sampling of male penises and believe me there are a lot of small guys hiding in the shadows out there, but it doesn't fucking matter what is average in the grand scheme of things. My 5 incher will always be a subject of ridicule for most women.

You have been married for many years I've seen you say and have a great sex life.. Have you ever thought your 5 inches may not be so bad and it may not be a problem?

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I am glad he posted the link. Fairly interesting that awareness of SPS seems to be bubbling up to the MSM to the point we are seeing medical doctors have to come out and disclose actual average penis size.

Recently there was a spate of articles (including on the website of the company I work for) attesting to how marriage is good for men. Why would the MSM feel compelled to promote this? Because the fact is the marriage and birth rates have plummeted for American citizens in recent years. As the baby boomers age and collect SS and Medicare this is a financial crisis of major proportions.

Why the marriage and birth rates so low? In my view it is directly correlated to the attack on men in our society, the body shaming and ridicule and the promotion of goddess culture to the point where a lot of young guys never go near a woman for fear of rejection, ridicule and possibly even harassment charges. I see these young guys everywhere: so fat and autistic-like phone obsessed you can tell the only girlfriend they have lives on the internet.

When an average size 5" penis "will always be the subject of ridicule for most women" we have reached the tipping point. You see it in Americas need to import men from other cultures by the millions each year whose women have not been exposed to feminism and who are not going to put up w it from ours.

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yes, it's definitely only some women and not most.

And I don't get people blaming feminism for women mocking small penises? Maybe there are people who don't understand it and just call themselves "feminists" but an actual person who believes in intersectional gender equality is also going to believe in body positivity, and somebody who believes in body positivity is not going to mock anyone's body regardless of what their personal preference is. Mocking small penises supports the patriarchy in numerous way that I don't care to get into because it's beautiful outside, but body shame is a problem feminism seeks to end, not propagate. I understand that some here may hate women, but if you hate feminism and hate body shame, you need to learn more about both subjects.

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