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Am i a pedophile or is this normal?


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I would like to welcome you to the community, Windbreak. I'm sorry you are feeling distressed about this. Maybe it would be helpful to try not to think this means anything specific? Do you have a trusted adult you might confide in? Do you enjoy any subjects in school, activities, what about friendships? I hope you can take some time to enjoy life.

Take care.

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Hello, Windbreak, welcome!

I also think that this could mean nothing and you're just unnecessarily worried. You're at an age when attractions may still be "confused / confusing" and are not necessarily "formed". Moreover, you're so young that the boys who attract you are still "around your age" and you can't be sure if their "immaturity" is the reason why they attract you. You'll "figure out" later. Having fantasies isn't anything "bad"; you're not harming anybody, so you shouldn't be harsh on yourself because of having them. When you are too focused on this, you might perhaps begin to obsess about it and that would be a real problem (affecting the quality of your life).

But I don't know; perhaps it would be somehow beneficial for you to educate yourself a bit more about pedophila (to get rid of some uncertainties / doubts). Have you read some threads here dealing with a similar problem? In what aspects you are/feel different from those here who worry about being pedophiles? Do you know "VirPed" (mentioned here, for instance: )?

Take care!

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