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Self hate getting out of control


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I am 13 and I have recently been thinking about how much I missed out on a healthy relationship with my sister(She's 18, moving out soon, we never talk), and I'm beginning to wonder why people tend to not like me. This has sent me into a pathetic spiral of doom where I can't get up, I'm lightheaded, and I can't eat or drink. My self worth is at an all time low, for real. Even though I'm really young and my problems are often viewed as insignificant, I know myself well enough to be worried about my suicidal tendencies. I need to do something before I do something stupid. Advice?

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Welcome, echokat. I'm sorry you are feeling so down. :(

Are you able to talk openly with a parent, trusted adult, or counselor? Your problems are in no way insignificant. :( Can you reach out to someone there for help?

Life changes can be distressful. The young teenage years can be difficult in school too. You are trying to discover yourself and make new friends. I think once one feels more comfortable with self, it can be easier to make new connections. Are there activities you enjoy, things to do that help you self-connect?

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