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my friend doesn't think she deserves to be happy

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My friend who is a girl that I do like but every time things get really good between us she pulls back and I don't see and talk to her for a couple of weeks I will call and text her but she doesn't answer every time something good happens for her she does something to mess it up like she doesn't have a drivers license she will go and drive somewhere when there is a lot of police last year she got caught driving and speeding and nearly went to jail for it she has been caught a lot when she was about 11 her step dad started to try and molest her as she got older she wouldn't go home because of him and got involved with drugs that's how she met her kids dad he was a drug addict he got clean for a while after she had the kid but he got back on the drugs and started to steal from people he would take all money she had so she became a prostitute and a few months to get some money he treated her really bad tried to make her feel worthless and hit her he did something bad and she took the blame for him so he didn't go to jail but she did for 3 months when she got out he had took all her stuff including her car and the kid that's when they broke up she only got to see her daughter 2 times a month that was 5 years ago after they broke up she went back to being a prostitute she said she didn't think she deserve a life and anytime someonedoes something wrong by her instead of cutting them off she just lets them walk all over her a few times she has stopped being a prostitute she starts to get happy then she spend all her money so has to go back to being a prostitute like she can't allow herself to be happy or treated good I tell her she does deserve to be happy and that she is better than all things she does and people she associate with but she gets angry with me she says that she is ready to settle down into a normal life but doesn't do anything to make it happen I have told her I'm always here for her I don't know what to do I want her to be happy any help would be good sorry if it's a bit long

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Hi Junior and welcome to our community.

Your girlfriend has been through a great deal in her life. :( Is she open to getting some help for herself? It's difficult to see someone we care about struggle so much, but often times the best we can do is stand by and support them. You can suggest to her that she might benefit from help, but this choice is ultimately up to her. As you stand by your friend, I hope too that you remember to take care of your needs.

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She has a couple of times but then she just falls back into her old habits she did say that she is going to start going to the gym again and was going to write her goals down and put them on the wall so that she sees them when she gets out of bed I don't know if she has done that cause I haven't seen or talked to her for a couple weeks that what she does when she starts to get happy but I try and get her some help

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