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I'm depressed because of my height


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I am a 24 years old guy but my height is only 5"7.. I got rejected by girls 7 times and all of them rejected me because of my height.. most of them said they would prefer guys who are 6" and above..

Yeah i know there are other short celebrities that actually have a girlfriend that's actually taller than them but not me.. I'm just a boring short guy who just like to be sad all the time..

When i go outside my house.. I get really embarassed when being seen by tall people. Ita like they're looking at a short hobbit midget thing.

Anyways if there's nothing left for me im planning to kill myself. Maybe killing myself wouldn't be much bad. I mean by killing myself i could decrease the population of short people because women likes TALL guys only right ?

So yeah.. i really need help..

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Hello, B., welcome :)

I'm happy to see that you ended your post by admitting that you actually need help. That's it - help, not death.

Yes, short celebrities may have it easier, but that's mostly because they are "known / popular" and thus have a much bigger "pool of women" who could potentially become their partner, so the chances of finding one sooner are bigger. Moreover, they may more easily attract somebody as their "attractive side" is well visible, while getting to know you better takes more time.

May I ask you how long have you been in those relationships before you got rejected? And how well did they go (how good you felt about it when you was in the relationship)?

It's very possible that at least a part of those girls rejected you also for one or more other reasons, but blaming your hight seemed to them as the easiest way. Perhaps they felt it would hurt you less than telling you that they didn't like something much more important about you (that your hight). In this case, each of them might dislike something different, so you can't conclude that there's something bad about you that everybody dislike. There's only one "obvious disadvantage" you have that many people take as a good excuse to break up with you or reject you, but that doesn't mean it's an obstacle that would prevent you from any romantic relationship!

Why would you grief a relationship which was so weak that something as unimportant as hight was able to influence its outcome? In case you were not in a relationship (and got rejected right in the beginning); then why would you like such a superficial girl who only judges you according to such a criterion? BTW, it is also possible that some of them would change their mind if they got to know you better! We are not good at making decisions, we can easily get fooled by superficial first impressions. It's probable that at least some of those girls who didn't know you, yet rejected you would regret it if they overcame their first impressions ad gave you the chance.

Have you tried to become good friends with some of them? I know it doesn't have to help, but it at least increases the probability that they will like you more and perhaps fall in love...

I see that 7 girls might seem "a lot" to you. I see that each breakup or rejection brings emotional burden and even, unfortunately, harms your self-esteem. But believe me, 7 isn't that much at all and... even if the number was much bigger, do you truly believe that killing yourself is a meaningful alternative to this kind of challenge? Yes, it's challenging, difficult and often painful to find a partner. Some people are lucky and easily attract many, but they may have other problem you don't see: The people they attract may be just superficially infatuated due to the "perfect body image", but after some time, they discover incompatibilities that hurt the relationship, get disappointed and may leave anyway. There are many scenarios and... although you have a trait that makes it more difficult (but not impossible!!) to attract women "at the first sigh", you still have chances similar to those of many other people (how many "perfect guys" are there?? You probably don't realize that many of us have some similar disadvantage, because you're too focused on hight, you mainly see that "others are higher", but not that many are, for instance, fatter, less witty, less caring, ...).

Have you considered seeing a counselor / psychologist? If it was for some reason impossible, then you might at least join a group related to your hobby (a club, ...) or do some volunteering in a group setting (that would be good also along with seeing a counselor and it would also increase the number of women you'd know and make you more interesting and nice to them as you'd have something in common). I think both could more or less help you with your self-esteem, with finding and developing your strengths, losing your embarrassment, finding "a better way to be around tall people", ...

What do you think?

Take care!

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One more thing: Have you considered trying a dating site? I know to some people it might seem somehow "inappropriate", but there are couples who are happily together thinks to this opportunity to meet! There you'd be always selected only by girls who don't mind your hight, so this issue wouldn't matter anymore when meeting a girl. I think it is definitely worth a try (but don't forget to be patient there, too! ;) ).

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