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thinking about throwing away my size enlargers


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so for a few years now, in my closet i have had a SizeGenetics penis stretcher, as well as some name i cant remember water penis pump

they were VERY expensive. I only used them a few times, because i couldnt really commit the HOURS per day needed to get "results". some people on enhancing websites swear by them, others say its all a bit scam

I dont know why i havent thrown these away already. its not about the waste of money. i think its something more emotional than that. i feel like it would be healthiest to throw them away. or lets say i die tomorrow and my family finds them while cleaning out my house... that sorta thing

maybe i need your guys' encouragement to finally let these things go?

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Lol I think if you died your family would be more heartbroken that your gone even if they found your penis equipment but I say you should keep them you never know as far as emotional attachment I think its the "what if" or "hope" that you have that makes you want to keep them I always thought those things were scams too I thought about buying one too but I didnt feel it was worth it btw that penis stretcher seems like it would hurt lol

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I never believed those things worked. If they did, there would be no such thing as a small, or even average size dick.

I'm pretty sure it only works for some people. Just like certain diets only work for certain people.

I would get one, but I'm afraid of the potential damage. All that stretching can't be good for your dick.

But I guess that says something about my situation. Because I can see a guy who had like 2-3 inches say "You know what? Fuck it"

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