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Im at the point where I feel like I've completely lost myself


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I'm 20 years old finished school been to college but didn't complete no kids, no setbacks of any kind, I'm at a point in my life where I have reached a level of depression like no other I don't really have an support as it seems no motivation at all. Even down to my family, I'm not working I been applying for jobs and getting interviews but I don't have a car so when I ask my mom or my grandparents for a ride to my interviews something productive it's always a argue I'm just missing out on opportunities. I can't count the number of times I've cried and prayed and begged God to heal me from whatever is going, this is not me never have I ever felt like I didn't want to be here anymore i literally feel stuck what else is there for me to do pls help

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Hello, Naeka, welcome! :)

I see that you're in a complicated, difficult stage of your life :(.

It's sad that your relatives aren't very helpful when you need to go to interviews. What do they tell you as their reason not to drive you there? Isn't there another possibility to go - like public transport or a community-based driving "service" (like Uber)?

Do you have a hunch why you became so depressed? Is it related only to the uncertainties of seeking a job and figuring out what you'd like to do in your life or you know about other reasons?

I hope you'll find some help and support - here as well as "in real life"...

Good luck and take care!

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Thank you LaLa,

It's always if you don't even have a way to the interview how are you going to even get back and forth to work, i can figure that out all i ask that is o get me to the interview uber and other public tansportation is not really an open option right now bc I'm not working I don't have money. I believe other things have triggered my depression such as boy trouble but I've eliminated that part out of the life after six long months so I'm just trying to build myself back up but it's just not happening as id like

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I don't think i can offer any advice about the transportation problem, Naeka; not sure that i even should. It would be too easy for me to give a pat answer since i don't know the transit grid or job options where you live.

Getting started in life is very hard. It was for me, was for my wife, was for lots of people i know. It's not as easy as TV makes it look (no thank you, Friends and Two Broke Girls). Just because you're having trouble doesn't make you lazy, or a loser. It's just very hard for most people. And asking for a job is SCARY (i remember that).

I hope you'll keep trying so that you can have the satisfaction of beating this problem. I hope your family sees that you're trying (maybe you can tell them the jobs you've found, so they know that you're trying?) so that they'll believe in you.

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