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hi sorry idk how to really use this but...


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i'm 21 and i've been in and out of school since i graduated high school. i decided maybe i should just try working but i have no motivation to get a job because i have no friends or big passion or will to live honestly. my parents can't be paying for me like this anymore and my mom has gotten so hard on me lately but i just can't have some shitty job just to make some money to come home, do nothing, and wake up the next morning to do the same thing.

i kinda want to go back to school in january but with a different mindset pretty much just to meet people and take fun classes and experience life. yeah it's ridiculously expensive but i feel like i need to be impulsive and do that now and worry about the consequences later when i have other reasons to live.

i cry all the time and i'm rly depressed.


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I'm not saying i have all the answers, nikki, but you can take college courses AND work a job.

I did that. The job brings in the money, the college brings in the hope.

Also, a lot of the required introductory college courses (English composition, Psychology) are interesting

along with being necessary to prepare you for a career

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