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I havent been told i have depression but i am sure i have it... Or just very little self esteem... I try to be strong most days but somedays are harder than others. I've been told i cant pleasure a women an have a small penis (many of my exs have told me this is why they have cheated/ left me) ... I am 20 an a paratrooper in the army and i am very lonely ... My days literally consist of me getting up at 5 heading out to do pt, go to work, get off, going to the gym, and then going to sleep.. I dont think i should be here..i dont have alot of friends on post an barely hear from ones back home. I have contemplated hurting myself but I dont know whats on the other side... I literally lay awake most nights like tonight and wonder if I should do it but then i always here a voice in my head say "no.. not yet".

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Guest ChinaDoll

Hello Blah. Nice to meet you and welcome to the community. We're here to listen and give advice. I hope that your time here will help you. :)

If you feel you do not belong to a certain place despite the fact you've done everything you could to fit in, chances are, you belong somewhere else. Have you ever thought about where else you want to go? What else you want to do? Why not pursue a passion?

"No... not yet" says the voice inside you because there is still so much you can offer the world; so much you can still do. Now, you need to find out what it is.

Sending you strength.


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(i apologize to everyone if this post is too explicit.

I'm only trying to provide support that's responsive to the issues that the poster raised.)

You're too hard on yourself. Statistically, the average man's penis is about 6 inches long (short). Whatever you have probably isn't that much smaller. Even if it is, remember (1) the average woman's vaginal canal is only 2-3 inches deep, so a large penis is more likely to cause discomfort than pleasure; (2) the most erogenous part of a woman's genital area isn't in the vaginal canal at all, it's the clitoris, and that's outside.

You're a PARATROOPER, BlahLife, and you've got "masculinity issues"????


You're a Board-certified macho dude, no sane person would say otherwise.

Someone's been telling you some big lies.

You can pleasure a woman as well as any man. If one woman told you that you didn't satisfy her (or two, i strongly doubt it was more than that), it only means you've made mistakes and you're learning (as we all do). Don't give up.

Here are the main things women want out of a sexual encounter:

a great mood (music, candles, all that stuff. It's a real thing)

foreplay (kissing, caressing)


asking her what will give her pleasure

telling her what you think is hot about her

stimulation of the clitoris (use K-Y jelly if using your fingers, or orally, and go slow; you're not shining her shoes)




Did i mention foreplay? I wouldn't want to leave that out.

Ladies, if i've reported anything incorrectly, please add your wisdom to this thread.

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