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My small penis


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Hi there!I am 20 years old and my penis measures 5.5-5-9 inch in length and 4.3-4.5 inch in girth.I ve been depressed about my size for more than half an year.Also,I watch porn and seeing all those well-endowed guys makes me feel useless.Still,I don t believe that a women would feel my penis inside her because it s way too small.Any advice would be more than helpful. :(

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It s 5.9 bone pressed and and 5.7 non bone pressed.

thats only 0.2 inch difference.

Are you sure you are pressing the ruler firmly? or are you quite skinny?

I ask because I gain quite a bit doing that and in some forums guys gain 1.5 inches by pressing in so 0.2 inches is comparitively small increase.

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you press down the erection so its 90% to your body and measure along the top to the very tip, pressing firmly, but not painfully into the body.

Make sure you take account of the bit of ruler that doesnt start at zero or get a ruler where the zero is flush with the end.

Use string for girth and get fully hard and measure the thickest point- otherwise you have false data

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Guest RandomDude

Good looking women usually have good looking friends so any flaw gets magnified in their mind, especially every year past 19. I read that in Patti Boyd's (Layla) autobiography.

Yeah I heard something similar about how age is specially hard on good looking women. Its like the one thing that makes them stand out from puberty on...it just fades out after a certain age. You could say time is a leveller.

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