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attempt to justify my pitiful existence.


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At some point, man, after a lifetime of failure and cowardice, and having chosen the bad so often, no longer has the means to choose, because he has lost the guiding principle: the recognition of and desire for the true good. He becomes ruled by indecision and subject to the demands of outside forces.

Therefore, like someone who is completely mad, he cannot be responsible for his current action or inaction, because he has lost too much of himself.

I am.

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Guest ChinaDoll

Good day MTS. Thanks for sharing. :)

I think there is no need for you to justify your existence. Although, I do recognize that being able to express thoughts like this can help us get some perspective of ourselves. It is in knowing ourselves especially our faults that we can begin the ardous work to change for the better.

There is no being on this Earth that has the right to judge your life. I dunno if this will comfort you but I take comfort in this myself. Though we made mistakes in the past, its ok because everyone makes mistakes and the fact we recognize these mistakes is a good thing.

It is good to look to our past but only for guidance because we cannot change it anymore. What we can change though is the future.

I hope I made sense. Lol. Have a good day.

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