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I'm scared to sleep.


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I'm a 13 year old girl, and I have anxiety disorder.

I'm too afraid to sleep, simply because I'm scared I'll die in my sleep.

It's 1:39 am, and I'm looking around my room frantically, making sure that nothing is in here that can hurt or kill me. My heart beat is rapid, too.

I can sleep during the day or when the sun starts rising, but not at night.

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Welcome to the community.

I'm sorry you are feeling so much anxiety. :( Would it help to turn the lights on or at least have a nightlight in your room? Maybe hold a plushie or something that helps you feel comforted and safe? Has anything happened that causes you to feel unsafe in the dark? Are your parents supportive? I hope you have someone there to talk with about your fears.

I hope you are able to get some restful sleep.

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Guest ChinaDoll

Hello. Welcome to the Community! :)

I get that sometimes too. What I do to help me sleep is to do something that will tire me out like getting up and doing work. Lying in bed and forcing yourself to sleep really does not help because it gives you all that think time. I hope this works for you. :)

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