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Would Anyone Else Be Ecstatic with "Normal Small?"


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I think a lot of us are in this group because we are not only small in the pants, but we are "Pathetically Small." I pose this question: How many of you would be ecstatic just to be "Normal Small?" I work in health care and see a lot of penises and there is definately a catogory out there I would consider "Normal Small," which in my eyes ain't too bad and of course from time to time I see the pathetically small. Normal small is something that if a gal saw it they would tell their shallow friends....."Yea he had a small penis," as opposed to a girl if she were a shallow bitch and was with me, it would be more like..."Oh My Fucking God I Can't Believe How Tiny This Guy is. He should have been born a Woman." It's like part of Howard Stern's bit is that he has a small penis and apparently it's normal small. What I wouldn't give to just be "Normal Small."

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TS1967, i'll give you the same comment i've given to others in this forum, because it seems to matter:

I discovered a few years ago (by googling the topic -- how lame is that?) that i am statistically "average."

Not "long," not "big," just "average."

So, by some bizarre logic, my opinion on this issue apparently matters.

So my opinion is this:

you have nothing to be ashamed of.

you are not inferior to me, or less masculine than me.

there is nothing wrong with you.

Another thought i have: that hypothetical shallow young woman you referred to?

(who BTW doesn't sound like any young woman i've ever talked to,

and i've talked to many. I don't waste my time talking to the 1 out of 10 shallow ones.)

Suppose i was somehow lucky enough to have her naked in front of me, and i had an erection.

Do you think -- do you REALLY think -- she'd react like,

"Yayyy, you're average!!! You're The Man! I can't wait to have sex with you!"

Or would she more probably find SOMETHING ELSE negative to say about me?

"You shot off too soon; you didn't last like that guy who bought me drinks last Saturday."

"You're ugly with your clothes off."

"I thought you were hot at first, but now i see you're a dork. I'm outta here."



Because you know what, TS1967?

There are people in this world (people. Not just women.) who like to say hurtful spirit-crushing things.

They're assholes, TS1967.

The hell with them.

By the Power and Authority Vested In Me As A Statistically Average Penis,

i hereby authorize you to ignore what any of those people think of you.

I think you're normal. A little fucked-up in your self-image, but otherwise normal.

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"By the Power and Authority Vested In Me As A Statistically Average Penis" :D

Whether you have a normal small, a very small or a microscopical small penis, people will indeed fuck you up when they get the change. But there is certainly something to say for wanting a normal small instead of a microscopical small one. I also worked in health care and I think what you refer to as normal small is actually just normal, so yeah, I would go for normal small.

Little story to lift the spirits: I had an old guy with a very small penis as a patient once. He was in his eighties and diagnosed with cancer. After nursing him for two weeks you could see he was nearing his end. I've never seen a more friendly and joyful guy in my life. He had his wife and two beautiful daughters at his side the moment he died. Never once did he seem to care that he had a small penis, even though he was being nursed by some females as well. I guess what I want to say is that there is still hope for us and that maybe, with a bit of luck, we will find our soulmates and we will die happy thoughts.

And we will drink some more beer and we will sob ourselves to sleep.

Je te dis adieu!

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yeah, I wish I was any bigger, even a cm would be nice, but I don't think wishing is very productive when clearly the answer for all of our problem is accepting ourselves, loving ourselves, and then loving others. Lesbians have awesome sex, so it's not like our biggest issues are physical, it's mostly mental and for many men it plays in to our socialized masculine pride.

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