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Recently, my anxiety has been at an all time severe, and I'm sure is contributing to my depression. Talking to any sort of adult figure is nerve racking to me, even if they have nice things my throat starts tightening up and my eyes start watering and if I am really uncomfortable, I'll start crying. I am a highschool student taking 5 AP courses because I'd love to go to an ivy league, but I got 3 B's in total my sophomore year, and I constantly think about this, wondering if it will ruin my chances of going to college at all. The world is extremely competitive and I do not cope with this well, and I think it will be impossible for me to get into a good school/job if I start crying during my interview. On top of this, I've been extremely irritable and quiet lately, worrying that if I do say something, others will find me annoying. This is a huge fear of mine, and I hate being disliked. Over the past year I have dropped about 90% of my friends, and I only have a few left, and I don't know how I am going to cope if I drop them tooo because of my own insecurities. Others with anxiety, what are job interviews like for you? Am I the only one who feels extremely anxious around older people and any figures of authority? Thank you.

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Welcome to the community, fumbly. I apologize for the delayed response. I'm sorry you're feeling so much distress. :( It sounds as though you are putting a whole lot of pressure on yourself. It's great that you are working hard in school. Do you also take time to yourself to do things that you enjoy?

I think all of us have struggles at times. I used to be socially anxious, but that has improved over recent years. I would probably still feel anxious at a job interview, though. It helps me to remind myself that all of us are human and imperfect, including the person I am interacting with. I try to just be myself as much as possible. I understand that is easier said than done. Do you have an inner encouraging voice?

I hope today is okay for you. Take care.

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