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I recently made a big old screw up. Like the budgeting went all wrong sort of screw up. We had just finished moving and a lot of the numbers were changing and I got out of the habit of going to meetings and I would up assuming that everything was going to be okay with my numbers. In denial. Then I got secretive, ( which I wasn't able to identify that I was at the time). And eventually, everything came to a head. So my husband is a little more than a little livid. Which is totally understandable. I really messed up. ( and my roommate is also getting some of the flack from this). The house is very hot right now and my husband is mad and being antagonizing. I know this is my fault and I'm going to have to get back to meetings to get back to basics, but I didn't know about how to deal with stuff in the meantime? Like, if he makes a sarcastic comment, what is the best way to go about responding?

Thanks everyone!

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He isn't. He is a child of an alcoholic though. He was actually really supportive one night and then the next night he when through the budget again and started making sarcastic comments, not so much directed at me, but at my roommate. It's been feeling like he is trying to start an argument, a little, but no one is biting.

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