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So . my mom emotionally and physically abuses me. Im scared of her. and i always feel as if i want to die when she does. one time she said she was going to "end up going to jail" because of me. i know im not the best child. i am not professionally diagnosed and the reason for that is money. and the other fact that my mom is very albeist. my brother has autism and she treats him like every mom should. but my mom is so replused of the idea of a mental illness. I told her that i think i have anxiety and tild me that ahe will get a "physc test".

(sorry for the errors im on my phone)

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well i guess i could live with my dad, but he lives in another state. i would love to go by him but i'm dependent on my mom. and i think my stepmother (my dads wife) is "jealous" of me because she burnt my finger with a cigarette butt and pretended she was sorry.

well, at least you have an "option". i also doubt your stepmother can pull that cigarette stunt again. ;)

take care, pup (you really are just a pup, lol; so young).

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Welcome to the community, pup. I'm so sorry you are going through this. :(

Do you have a trusted adult in your life who you feel safe confiding in? It might help to have someone close by to talk to who can offer you support, guidance, and suggestions through this. If you ever feel unsafe or in danger, I hope you have someone to reach out to who will help you.

one time she said she was going to "end up going to jail" because of me. i know im not the best child.

You are not responsible for your mom's behaviors, pup. I hope you can always remember this. She has struggles that are her own.

Are you able to spend some time away from your mom to enjoy being a teenager? Maybe visit with a friend or relative, enjoy activities?

I also have a brother who has autism. Does your mom have any help with your brother's care?

We are here to listen, pup. Take care of yourself.

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