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Hi there,

I have just joined this forum so hi!

My reason for joining this forum is actually because I went through a breakup very recently after 2 years. Before my relationship I went through a time where I nearly attempted suicide. It was my ex that stopped me. Now we aren't together any more I want to find my feet again but it's difficult because my mental health is on the down again and there's nobody around me to talk to any more. My ex learned exactly how to get me out of crisis every time but now I'm on my own it is really hard. So I'm struggling with being both alone and very lonely. Unfortunately none of the crisis chats ever seem to be online when I need them but someone pointed me in the direction of this forum. Right now I don't know the solution to this problem but I'm hoping I can get somewhere before I get back to the point I was at before my relationship, I just want people who genuinely make an effort to care.

In more positive things about me, I have a cat who is very sweet, I love to bake and I am studying for a degree which is really hard but I'm hoping to graduate this year.

Tick Tock

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Hello, Tick Tock, and welcome to our community. I'm sorry you have been feeling down.

Do you know in what ways your ex helped you? Do you have an awareness of potential problems before your mood declines? Do you see a professional or have any other support from friends or family? You can always come here to share if it helps to express yourself.

I like kitties too. :) Pets can be a comfort. It's good that you enjoy baking. I think it's important to connect with things that bring us joy.

Take care.

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