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What do you guys think about this?


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It seems like it is trying to sell products like vibrators and the "liberator" wedge, which seems like bullshit, but have any of you guys done any of this? Do you think there is some sense in the idea these positions will help? I don't want to have to buy any commodities to have sex, even condoms I have to give up on b/c they do not fit, but one can prolly just use pillows for the same effect. I have been trying to research ways to get over this. This article seems helpful but has ad placement in it, making me distrustful of it.


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I've read about positions to help get the most out of a smaller size.

Haven't tested any, but I'm skeptical. One thing they never really touch on, is how they work with women of different sizes.

For example- I doubt that laying flat position would be an option if the girl is bigger in the butt and thighs.

I've heard doggy can also possibly be ineffective with a chunkier gal.

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I'm not very experienced, but definitely some of these positions were more pleasurable(for me and apparently for her) than other crazier ones. It's a scientific fact that most women don't orgasm from PIV alone regardless of size, so I'm personally always willing to use my hands or mouth to get my partner off, and I don't see why that wouldn't extend into utilizing vibrators or other "aids". It's not about my size, it's about her pleasure.

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