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Hello,I'm from Brazil and i'm new here , i want to tell my story


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first of all, sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian and i speak portuguese. I will strive to you guys understand me

My name is Carlos Kronbauer , i'm descended from germans, my penis measure 5.3 inches and i frustrated with it, BUT, im 26 old and I've had sex with some women, I struggled to remember how many and got to number 25,25 different women. i thing its a good number to a small penis man. My good help appeared on the outside , I seem to be an alpha male, my height is 1 meter and 90, bur i totally frustrated with my size penis.

well, which helps me to overcome shame to know that a vagina has only 4 inches, and it has been proven scientifically that the only measure that matters is the thickness

Moreover , it uses a few tricks during sex , such as using viagra , which makes me super strong erections and increase reaches about 1 or 2 cm penis and also use a penile cover made of cyberskin which measures 17cm, but i only use the penile cover if the woman does not feel very happy, cause above all, my enjoyment comes first

what will I do with my problem ? well, I promise I'll try everything , stretching, vacuum pumps and even the use of hormones , and in the latter case , surgery

I have helped to clarify something, thanks for listening , and remember if science progresses every day, so , never give up

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I'm here to pass my experiences and help in the best possible way, because I know how frustrating it is not to have the penis you want

Currently, I am having sex with three different women, during the week I'll marking the meetings with them, it proves that a small penis man has sex with "friends" without commitment

you guys call "budy call" lol

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carlos, it seems you don't know what a small penis really is.

no? shit! I'll tell you one thing, I wake up every day and wonder why me?I wonder why among billions of people I had to have this problem, but you know what? Life is difficult in all senses, the human being only survived that today planet because it has adapted to everything, so I have to adapt myself to it and try to change it in whatever way is possible, I will never give up and in the meantime, I I will doing what I can, all possible tricks I have up my sleeve
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Hi Carlos, I am also of German descent, and 26 years old

anyways, in north america, we say "fuck buddy" or "friends with benefits", and you call them for a "booty call"

i believei n the states and canada, you can get free condoms at health centers

5.3, even though it is shorter than average, it still long enough. remember girth is more important. and you dont seem to have any problems with the ladies

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Thank you again, Carlos.

Once again, someone has posted a realistic, fact-based narrative.

Is there any chance that you all will believe these real reports from real people?

Instead of believing the "you're not man enough" crap

that came to you from porn and fraternity-house jokes?

Will you take comfort from reality when reality offers it to you?

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Amazingly, I never suffered bullying for this, I guess because I always avoided getting naked with other men, and when I was, especially when I was a kid, no one looked at my dick

I avoid watching pornographic films appearing penis, avoid me masturbate as much as possible, because without masturbation, when you will have sex with a real woman, your libido is too high

when I need to masturbate, I usually me masturbating watching videos that I recorded fucking with women with whom I have sex, or watching the "nudes" they send me

is about half a year I did not get a week without sex, I always keep in touch with the maximum of possible women without them knowing each other lol

I'm not at all comfortable with the size of my penis, BUT while science does not discover a way to increase my "friend," I try to use all the tricks and "foibles" possible

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well I do not know about you, but for a woman please me is very easy, just make me cum

and I realized that you guys are distorting what I said

the psychological and physical tricks are for I do not suffer from the evil that affects us, small penis, pre sexual anxiety

and another, I always think of my pleasure, first

on the penile cover, for example, I only use if I happened to notice that the woman felt no pleasure in vaginal sex, because I'm sure she will feel in oral

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and the averege size in brazil is 6,2 inches

deal with it

i'm super tiny in this country

No, 6,2inch isn't average. Its bigger than average. My brother experience prove this. (also many studys prove this too). We are brazilian too, he is 26 years old, with 6,3inch penis and sometimes girls says he has a big penis . Even prostitutes told him this . (they might lye to make him happy). Prostitutes tell him they do anal if its medium/small size, he say ok, nice , but when they see his penis, they say its too big for anal. He told me only 2 girls let him have anal sex without any problem . He says prostitutes always says good things about his penis size. they never say this things to me .

We also live in north, where there is many black guys .

By the way , TinyBrazilian, do you go to prostitutes ? What their reaction when they see your 5.3 penis ? They say anything ? Have you ever asked them what they think about your penis ?

I would be very happy if I had penis 5inch. More than 12cm is cool.

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