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I feel so horrible...


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I feel so horrible, I hope I didn't commit a crime...I came across a recent post on this forum, and the poster talked about how to solve a small penis when a boy is in puberty, I didn't know that was in the post, for the post seemed on the surface, harmless...I just hope I didn't do anything illegal...God I feel like I'm falling apart...

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Hi, Biollante,

please, believe me, it's no crime (or sin or "a bad thing") to read any posts here, even if there were much "worse" things than those you've mentioned. People sometimes discuss sensitive or even disgusting or immoral things, but it's OK, we're all free to do it when we don't cross some boundaries (as would be propagating hate or violence, for instance). This forum has several moderators who try to remove inappropriate content, but at the same time, each of us has his/her own personal, subjective boundaries, so we have to decide what to read and what to avoid. If you feel uneasy about some topics, just try to avoid them (as the whole SPS forum, as it seems). It's your personal choice. But many people read them and there's nothing bad or illegal about it.

I hope that realizing these rational arguments will help you to get rid of your fear. (Don't forget that it's only your mental disorder that is causing them.)

BTW; do you have some agreement with your therapist about what to do when you feel overwhelmed by fear? Have you already learned some strategies to fight the fears?

I hope your treatment will alleviate your troubles soon...

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