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sex with two different girls today


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TinyBrazilian, your size is good. Every study in the world says your size is average, both for lenght and girth. Ok, you are not at the top of average, but yes you are average . You are NOT small . Your size isn't the perfect penis size, but you need realize its a GOOD size. Maybe you think its small because you are very tall ?

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Notbad, both Brazil and I were Late Developers, I think this part of where our psychological problems start, mine is also small when flaccid in my opinion, it definitely was when I was a kid and had my "Friends" take the piss out me and my younger Brother, then you go to Secondary School (High School) you're a Late Developer, you're smaller than everybody else, then everybody hides their cock away. I haven't used a Urinal since I was 11, i always even now use the cubical and guess what! I was a normal 6 inch Guy with the average 4.5 inch girth all those years. I was exactly average all those years! according to some more recent work that puts the average penis at 5 inches I might have been actually slightly longer than average, that was until 2 1/2 years ago when I developed Pyronie's Disease and my Dick shrink to less than 3 inches erect! it has by some Miracle and much to the surprise of the Doctors, it has grown back to 5 1/2 inches, i hope I get that last 1/2 back too!! that is extremely unusual.

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51 years

Today I was crying on my bed and thinking what could have been done in my childhood and adolescence

I forced my memory and then went looking for my photos when I was drinking

the pictures of when I was a baby, my penis was already slightly lower

and I still remember when I was a kid, my penis has always been the lowest in the locker room

I remember a friend of mine joked when I was 13, and I decided to measure, it had 1.5 inches flaccid and now has 3.5 inches flaccid

ie it nearly doubled in size

I think my problem was being born with the small penis

but of course, a testosterone at puberty would have saved me

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and now I can speak

when did this topic

two days later I fucked another girl

and today I fucked one of the girls that I fucked when I made this topic

she told me that I did the best oral sex she already received in life

It was the third time we had sex

at the time of penetrative sex, we did two positions

her over and then doggystyle

she seemed to feel pleasure, of course nothing to shout or anything, because my penis is ridiculous

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