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Is There Any Correlationship between Penis Size and Onset of Puberty

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I thought I had the smallest cock in England, I was absolutely certain, it partially ruled my life, ruined my life.

my first suspicions about this being not true came 20 years ago (in 1995) when I went to visit a Gay friend acquaintance of mine and my old girl friend at his new landlord's place, i flipping through some of his magazines and they had a "contact" section and the adverts would often have W.E. or V.W.E. written on them I asked what these letters meant they laughed and told me "WELL ENDOWED", "VERY WELL ENDOWED", then my friend started talking about one of the clubs he went to, and talking about the Back Room or the Black Room,and his adventures in there, at the end then he said it was good because you get to check out the "Goods" before hand because he, and this phrase really hit me, didn't want no Midget Dick, I asked him what he meant, and he and his landlord went on to tell me, "51, you won't believe how small some dicks are, there dicks as small as your little finger TOTALLY ERECT!", I didn't believe them, couldn't believe them, my head was rushing around, "There are dicks smaller than mine !??? There are Dicks smaller than mine!???? I was thinking, confused, nah it can't be true and i thought surely they meant there are penises the same length as my little finger not the same size, but they insisted, i still couldn't take it all in.

I didn't do anything this, this information for 20 years until a few weeks ago when I typed in "Small Cocks" into the google search and discovered some sites, I couldn't believe what I saw, I went through all the photographs I could find, for 3 days, I couldn't work out what I was feeling, thinking. First I discovered there was no relationship between any part of a Man's Body and the size of his Penis, next; even if you have a beautiful body and face you've got to have the Cock to go with it, you're NOTHING without a decent Cock. I was horrified and disgusted by what I saw, it disturbed me. but I realized or started to realize the importance of Penis size, of having a decent sized or larger Penis, Men with small Penises are dismissed, the smaller it is the more they are dismissed!

I had long looked up Women's preferences for Penis Size and found what I had long long suspected, it is not the "Bigger the Better", but the ideal was around 8 inches which I had long suspected. I also started looking up average size Penises again and confirmed/found on average Men come to 5-6 inches about about 2 inches too short according to womens' preferences articles, that's why most men are obsessed by their Penis size and think they are too small, because they are, we instinctively know!! I looked up the correct way to measure your cock, and realised I had being doing right or more or less right (I didn't know about "Bone Pressed" but i was never fat anyway) for all these Years (40 years) and that I was really 6 inches and "average"!!8-0 but my cock always looked too small to me, it was a lovely shape until the Pyronies got to it, it used to look like a Dolphin now it looks like a Toilet Duck, not beautiful at all! it was a tiny dick to me, totally inadequate, in it's resting state it was really small, I never saw a Penis on Telly or in photos that was as small as mine, NEVER, the guys on telly, ALL the Guys on the Telly had Bigger cocks than mine.

I went on the internet to see what did most men look like, realised quickly there was no point looking at Porn Star penises to get an idea, so I looked for another place, and some how stumbled on photos of Blacks Beach in California, Woe, every Bloke in the photos had a bigger body than mine and every Bloke had a Bigger Penis than mine !!!!! woe, I was shocked, Because of my small penis i have missed out on a lot of things in life and one of the things is i have never gone naked in front of a woman whilst she was fully dressed.i was ALWAYS too scared! Never been nude in front of a woman in a non-sexual way, never been skinny dipping, or been massage whilst naked or to a nudist beach or anything not even to whip out my penis to have a wee in front of a woman, normally men do ALL these things in their late teens or early twenties I missed out for various reasons, my penis size being one.

After the Blacks Beach photos I discovered the World Naked Bike Ride and a site a girl had set up with thousands of pictures of the naked men, and I noticed again and again that without a decent sized or large penis you were nothing, you didn't catch your eye, girls didn't want to have their photographs taken with you, it was an essentially part of your Handsomeness, of Male Beauty which was confirmed by one of the researches done on the matter,having a decent sized or large penis made you more handsome, appealing, I reailsed there was NO Female equivalent to the Penis it was unique, no other Primate has a penis as large, it was our Peacock Tail, that's why it was soooo important, it is central to our Culture, to being a Human Being, to Male attractiveness and Female Sexual Selection, it is the central totem of our Species like the Peacock's Tail is to Pea fowl (Yes that's the correct term for them!), The Penis is to the Human Species.

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