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Can't sleep




Can't sleep again. I just took some of the tests here on this website. Said I'm severely depressed, extremely angry, mildly manic, and mild ADD. Which is interesting considering I'm a bit of a skeptic of ADD.

My last therapist actually wanted to test me for ADD before I stopped seeing him. I didn't understand why but maybe I do come off as being ADD to people. I never thought of it as a problem since I was able to maintain a 4.0 in school fine (until a drug binge one semester :P ) So since I can concentrate on things that interest me just fine I figure it's just not a problem. But whatever.

I think I'm going to be leaving here soon. Here as in the place I'm staying, at my ex's. I guess I did tell him that I wanted to work things out when I first stayed here and I either honestly did for a moment or I just flat out lied, I don't remember. I'm always so confused about everything I wouldn't doubt either scenerio.

I geuss I'm going to go try and lay down. Night, I hope!



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