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When it Rains. . .



As some of y'all know, one of my dear friends attempted suicide three(ish) weeks ago. Well, early wedneday morning, my cousin walked out of his girlfriend's house and cut open his wrist. If they hadn't gotten him to the hospitial when they did, he probably would have died. As it is, his hand's totally messed up; the doctor's don't think that he will ever regain full use of it.

My cousin and I are really close--and I gave him the knife I believe he used as a Christmas gift. I had no idea he would. . .*sighs*


I'm starting therapy for depression on Monday--good timing, eh?


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I'm so sorry to hear this, SongBird. I hope your cousin is able to get the help he needs.

You mentioned that you bought your cousin a knife, which you believe is what he used. You couldn't have known this was going to happen though...even if you hadn't bought him that knife, if he was that depressed he would have used something else. It's in no way your fault.

I hope therapy went well for you. It's nice having a place to get emotions out. I have found therapy really effective for my depression...I don't know what I'd do without it.

Best of luck to you in your therapy.

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Thank you, Buttons. My therapy is going well, although as far as I know he has yet to see a therapist. It's a little strange, being able to talk to someone, but it's also a big relief. Thanks for the well-wishes :D

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