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Never Again



Sitting in a room alone she cries;

everyone she knew left her to die.

There she sits in solitary confinement.

She swears she'll never love again.

If only she could forget the bruises and remember the smiles,

if only she could have peace at night.

Each tear that falls is shaped by her heart's inability to keep quiet.

The disbelief still flows freely,

her mind's retaliation unpredictable.

What torture will she inflict on herself for sins not commited?

She'll strap herself to the electric chair and pray demise comes quickly.

She swears she'll never love again.

Death will spark beautifully,

electric currents will touch her deeply.

She's riding the lightning like it's her redemption.

It's a shame nobody cares to rescue her from burning.

This poor girl;

she only wanted to trust from another.

She's gone and forgotten,

her crime scene saturated with ghostly fears.

She'll never love again.


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