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Definatly going out of my mind.



Slowly slipping off the edge.

I know I am.

It's not depression; though I don't feel particularly happy at this point in time.

It's insanity.

My mind continues racing as I know that there was no logical explination as to what happened last night.

Two journals ago I posted something telling you of the shadows and the bright light I'd been seeing.

journal here: http://alxias.deviantart.com/journal/29917084/

Things slacked off.

More or less because I wasn't at home.

I didn't give it time to conflict with me.

Until last night.

I'll give you truth.

And tell you I can't explain it.

I was lying awake in bed around 11:15 pm last night. I was typing out a journal on Furaffinity. It was a nearly short journal, so I was about to sign my name, and everything around me kinda spazzed out. I swear to god, my bedframe started the shake violently, and quickly. Almost like a vibration, only less smooth. Like some one or something was shaking it from all the posts at the same time. Or something was over top of me. I really don't know how to explain it. Like. At all.

I have never been so scared in my life.

I; as weird as this is going to sound, would have rather seen a being cloaked in black shadows with glowing eyes staring down at me as it messed with my calmness than the unexplainable random shaking my bed did experiance.

To tell you the truth, if I HAD seen an appirition((SP*)), shade, ghost, wraith, ect. I would have felt kinda... better in a sense.

Instead I got the shit shaken outta me, and ran to Sym crying. I feel like I'm crazy. My room is brand new. The house is old as shit, but my room is only 13 years old. There's no way anything could have died in there, and even if it had, why has this fucker waited this long to contact me?

I know it sound utterly crazy.

I was not asleep,

Not tired,

Rather upset but not tired.

And now I'm exhauseted as I didn't get to sleep until around 3am. And yes, I slept in my own bed. After cranking up some 'soothing to my ears' music.


Lots of work left to do.

Maybe I'll take a nap on the couch when I get home..




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