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  1. Let's see Childbirth Periods Less able to defend yourself physically if attacked Higher risk of being sexually assaulted / raped I can count on one hand the negative things about being female Whereas being a man is a living hell every day in every way BEING A MAN IS A LIVING HELL EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY I'm not sure anyone even uses this forum anymore - seems everyone has moved to Reddit if they want to whine about things - forums are dead You may question from this post, whether I have transgender feelings I do not have such feelings, and I do not feel feminine Also, "trans women" are biologically male I just think being a man is fucking shit, and there's nothing I can ever do about it Depressed, waste of fucking time, what's the fucking point The vast majority of the evil freaks and rapists and perverts and weirdos and paedophiles in the world are male, and by me being male I'm lumped in with them When you think about the reality of what being male means in relation to women (and children) it just becomes more and more depressing I'm probably sounding like an incel here But the truth is that I'm worse than a fucking incel Incels are just losers who don't have sex I on the other hand can't have sex Sexuality for women is a commodity (economically and socially), for men it is a liability To add insult to injury, men have to do the work physically (in the actual act of sex), and pay for it economically (one way or another) Women can use their sexuality to get everything they want in the world (directly or indirectly) Men have to face a life that is a living hell every day FEMININITY IS FREEDOM MASCULINITY IS SLAVERY That's all I've got to say just now Bye
  2. I'm not being a dick about it, I don't have a problem with you Life is just depressing. It has turned out far worse than I ever expected it would
  3. I don't know what being a woman is like from direct experience, but my own experience of being a man is that it is for the most part a grim, miserable existence.
  4. I have no money, I have a crap job (and I struggle even to do my job properly), I am fat, I have a disability which I never asked for, I struggle with anxiety and depression and OCD and talking to myself, I am a former alcoholic, I dropped out of university 3 times, my mother died of cancer, I don't have much of a social life and have few friends, I have serious sexual problems that make it nearly impossible for me to have sex, I have a lot of self esteem issues, and I can't even lift 134kg at the gym. I SHOULD JUST KILL MYSELF, IT WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER I also have a lot of weird ideas about society as well that I should probably keep to myself This is what WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE feels like oh yeah and I was bullied as well thanks for reminding me
  5. A lot of working class people live very simplistic, repetitive and highly unadventurous lives. It's only the middle class people who take fancy holidays, have big cars, and nice houses. Anything too exotic and adventurous, is only for the rich.
  6. I'm off my rocker, mad as a hatter Yes I know... I've been mad for fucking years
  7. I know that I'm mentally ill and have no one to talk to about it I talk to myself all the time, and have various OCD-type symptoms When you question the meta-ethical principles that are the foundations of the moral framework of the modern West... Actually, nah, fuck it, we should totally go to Greggs
  8. Sorry about all this shit, by the way Sometimes I just need to blow out all the craziness and shit I'm not going to kill myself
  9. Look at me, I'm a fucking well paid cunt, I'm so STRESSED that I have to give £2000 to my financial dominatrix because I'M LIKE, STRESSED, MAN https://bit.ly/2VGrkoZ Fucking ignorant cunt
  10. I hate myself SO MUCH, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY, for being a white male Yet people are constantly saying about how you know like, white male privilege and shit I should be pretty close to perfection https://news.st-andrews.ac.uk/archive/study-finds-tall-35-year-old-men-appear-more-dominant-than-others/ https://medium.com/@tjpeters/i-hate-being-a-white-male-74d1ad85b04e https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/sep/05/straight-while-men-suffering-sex-feminism But instead, it's just not like that I hate how to such a large extent, a man's success in life is tied to his career That, more than anything else, could tip me over the edge
  11. It's just like, my political beliefs used to be so far right, till I realised, even though I always knew, the far right is just a bunch of powerless impotent white male losers But if you are born a white male you are born to lose anyway, at least genetically What is the relationship between money and evolution?
  12. I am an absolute fucking mess, no one to talk to, no friends, nothing No one cares In this country you talk to your doctor they are just not interested
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