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  1. Tinder is a somewhat different beast. Ostensibly, it's not about sex but I'm sure that there's plenty of that goes on, no doubt at all. I've joined Tinder recently but have not had a huge amount of success on it. In contrast, I've had probably about 30 dates off POF - as well as several relationships and had sex with (or done sexual things with) 4 women I met off that site. It seems to me that Tinder is more looks based, and that would mean that the best looking guys would do better than anyone else on Tinder. It's fairly shallow. In contrast, POF at least has profiles where you can explain some details about yourself and what kind of a person you are. While Fabswingers and Fetlife can be used to meet people, that's not the primary purpose of Twitter although the DM (direct message) feature allows for people to get in contact, exchange numbers and meet up. There's all sorts of messenger apps that people use - Whatsapp is a major one but Kik Messenger is an interesting one because it provides a degree of anonymity as you do not have to disclose your phone number when using it! That means it's great for quasi-anonymous sexual chatting. I've never used Snapchat, but I don't doubt at all that this is used for sexual purposes as well.
  2. It's late at night, and I am going to be back at work tomorrow. I haven't done a lot this weekend and feel as though I haven't achieved as much as I should have. I also haven't talked to a single human being today and nor have I been outside much at all. It has been a lonely, depressing day. Anyway does anyone here use any of the following websites for sexual purposes - Twitter, Fetlife or Fabswingers? I've used all three of these sites and what amazes me is how easy it is to find women who want to talk about sex, and exchange sexual pictures and porn with. You wouldn't go and talk to a complete stranger about sex in real life, but online everyone seems to be doing it? Perhaps with online there is the "illusion of solipsism" - the feeling that the people you are talking to online are not really real, even though they are? And before anyone asks, it's pretty obvious to me in 90% of cases who's genuine and who's not - the people who I talk to are really who they say they are. I find it very, very easy to strike up sexual conversations with women on sites like Twitter if they are either porn stars, escorts, cam girls, or just amateur women who enjoy putting up sexual pictures and videos of themselves. Yes, there are some that are looking for money but you just enjoy the pictures and videos from those ones and don't engage further. The great majority it is possible to engage with them in sexual chat and exchange pictures without paying any money at all. Today on Twitter (I am NOT linking you to my Twitter account which I recently restarted for the 3rd time, having been on Twitter since 2014 with an account which I used to follow sexy women) I talked to several women about sexual things and had probably an in depth conversation with two. One was a prostitute who I messaged privately and the other was just an amateur girl who uploads free pictures and videos of herself having sex and I had a chat with her about the sex video of herself she'd just uploaded. Since I went back on Twitter, I am having these kinds of conversations nearly every day. I deactivated my account on Fetlife and deleted my Fabswingers account altogether last month, but it was much the same on both those websites but the main difference is that they are less commercial as at least some of the users on Twitter are looking to make money. Fetlife is all about fetishes and kinks, whereas Fabswingers is really just a pure sex site and nothing more. On both those sites, I have had quite extensive sexual conversations with women. I met up with one woman from Fetlife.com and tried talking to two who were on Fabswingers.com but it didn't go anywhere. The dopamine hit from these kinds of websites is insane. Something as addictive as Twitter when combined with constant pornographic imagery and availability of women to talk to about sex is probably more addictive than crack cocaine. It really is unbelievable how many women there are online who love nothing more than to talk about sex. So while having these conversations creates a "high", there is a really awful low that follows and I think that these websites are wreaking havoc with my moods and emotions. They are also a massive waste of time and effort as they contribute nothing to me as a person and only make me worse. Maybe I should just permanently delete all my accounts on ALL sexual websites altogether? But then I always go back to them. It's addictive as hell, and I've been hooked since at least 2014. In my honest opinion, in 2017 it's no longer shameful for a woman to be a slut. Not in the same way that it was even just 20 years ago. In fact now, it's probably more shameful to slut shame a woman than it is for a woman to be a slut. Women are way more sexually open than they used to be.
  3. Ways to make money online using your sexuality?

    Okay thanks. I have been feeling quite depressed this week. Don't know whether my feelings of low mood would actually qualify as clinical depression, but I do seem to get fairly regular bad moods. My plans for next year include the following - manage my money better and don't waste money on unnecessary stuff, continue with eating a healthy diet and do so more consistently, and also become physically active in some kind of sporting activity whether that be going to the gym, swimming, or some other physical activity. I do feel that I do have the basis for having a good body because I am tall with a muscular build and not bad looking but if I just lost a little weight that could do great things for my attractiveness to women. Does that sound like an idea worth pursuing?
  4. Ways to make money online using your sexuality?

    And another thing, while I remember... about "Asperger syndrome" It seems to me, that "Asperger syndrome" as a diagnosis seems to be about belittling and berating white male achievement. Any male whose interests go much beyond football, beer and sex seems to be a potential candidate for having it now.
  5. Ways to make money online using your sexuality?

    It's ironic that it's International Men's Day today! (I have heard some feminists and leftists decry International Men's Day as being similar to having an International White People's Day because it reflects their belief system that men, white people, heterosexuals, etc are inherently privileged over women, non-whites, LGBT, etc and therefore do not need or deserve recognition because the world apparently reflects the needs of the supposedly privileged groups every day anyway - a childishly simplistic worldview if there ever was one...) Anyway, I do think that "male bashing" is probably worse in America than it is in the UK or elsewhere. But it certainly does exist here as well. All of the points you have made are valid, but that's not really why I have these hang ups over being male. Certainly, the expectations of being a white heterosexual male adult can be stressful to live up to. But even those are not the real reason why I'm pissed off. I've been single for about 3 months now. Since I left my last proper relationship, I've dated and so on but none of it has worked out. My ex that I dated for a year, I got on great with. We had everything in common and she was great company most of the time. But there was no sexual attraction from me to her. All the sexual desire, sexual attraction, was from her to me. Seems strange doesn't it? For all the sexually frustrated feelings that I have, I had a woman who was totally attracted to me and yet I didn't want sex with her at all and was quite disgusted by the idea. I really want a woman who wants me, yet I reject women based upon them being too fat, ugly or whatever. I feel bad about having normal male sexual desires. I feel bad about having to masturbate, when some women don't. In fact, I even feel bad about the fact that male behaviour is different from typical female behaviour. How or why women think they even need or want men, I don't know. All guys are just losers who masturbate, so why would any woman want anything to do with them? I don't even know what I'm trying to say anymore. Someone just put me out of my misery now. And one more thing - Victim you say that my job is a good job. How is landscaping a good job? Compared to being in an industry that will earn you lots of money? Using a pounds to dollars conversion chart, I worked out that I take home (after taxes, pensions and all that extra stuff) a total of the equivalent of $1638 every month. Do you think that is an actual good wage? I don't think it's great. Or maybe my life is just expensive.
  6. Ways to make money online using your sexuality?

    Oh yeah, and one other aspect of my job is that it's free fresh air and physical exercise. Many people don't get that in their job. For want of a better word, it's also quite a masculine job. It is dirty, physically demanding, and tough. It's strange that I can do what is a fairly masculine job, yet be so self-hating and critical about my own masculinity, isn't it? Because sometimes I just hate myself for being male. This past couple of weeks it has been a really strong feeling. Now when I say that this, that does not mean that I desire to be transsexual or whatever. It's just been a very strong self-hatred based around being male.
  7. Ways to make money online using your sexuality?

    You are correct that I do manual labour - but I actually do landscaping which includes gardening (cutting hedges and grass) and grave digging (we do the whole process of digging graves and do funerals) and also other jobs like emptying bins as well. I work for local government so I do not work for a private company and that means better job security, holidays and pensions.
  8. Ways to make money online using your sexuality?

    Yeah, didn't mean to come across the wrong way there. But I just don't see it happening. It may be a dead end job but there are also worse paid jobs and it has good holidays, pensions, etc so I am sticking at it for the moment. Changing jobs is too risky and I've tried the education route and didn't like it so what options do I have really? In a certain sense I could be an "alpha male" as I am tall and well endowed physically with muscles and broad shoulders, but I am also carrying too much weight as well. Fat women seem to find me attractive, but slim women less so.
  9. Ways to make money online using your sexuality?

    It's quite possibly the case that only "alpha males" - the rich, successful and talented minority - really enjoy the true benefits of "male privilege". All other males largely get overlooked. Not really in the mood for this discussion right now as I just got home and it's the weekend. That is probably a good thing.
  10. Ways to make money online using your sexuality?

    No I don't make much effort to get out of it, but fuck that. I work hard enough.
  11. Ways to make money online using your sexuality?

    I've never actually been on these cam sites and actually paid to watch a woman. Personally I do not have the money for that kind of stuff. It's really expensive as well as they get paid by the minute for being online don't they? Who actually has the money to throw away on this kind of stuff? Super rich oil industry bosses, bankers and technology company executives? It sure isn't me anyway, not with the low paid job that I do.
  12. Ways to make money online using your sexuality?

    Thanks. Actually, I do have big muscles and a big penis. In fact, everything about the way I look physically is really good except one thing. I am tall, relatively good looking, muscular, have a large penis, a deep voice - all the desirable characteristics you could want physically in a man. The only thing I've got going wrong is that I'm overweight and have too much body fat. I don't resent them for it. But although I appreciate your post, I also don't like being told how I should think or that my thinking is wrong. If men are valued more in almost every other sector of society, what examples of things could you give? You could say men are more valued in business, industry, technology, sport, entertainment, politics, etc, even though women can make achievements in all of these fields as well? That's all fair and well, but for someone like me who is stuck in a dead-end job and living in poverty none of that means anything at all. None of my intellectual talents, if I have any, are being put to any good use at all. I would consider myself good at writing but have had few opportunities to explore that or utilize my skills in that area. I am nearly 31 years old. I live in a small flat (apartment) alone in a city and I have a small car. I work 5 days a week, 37 hours per week. The money I earn is insufficient.
  13. It's well established that women can make money online from things like webcam, selling porn video clips, and even "financial domination". Question is, to what extent can men do the same? Certainly, there is a market for it. Maybe not as big as there is for women, true. But there must be gay men, and probably even some women, that want to see this. Just out of interest I was looking on a site called Manyvids.com and it seems that in addition to having women, there are men and transsexuals on the site as well. It's a video clip sale website where people upload their homemade porn. So I decided to sign up just to see what it was about. I stopped at the point where they were asking for your real name and a photo of you. That's a definite no. But in all honesty if you could make money from having a bunch of gay men watch you, would you do it? I think the most difficult thing about it really would be showing your face and having your real life identity discovered. That would be the worst part. And the part I couldn't deal with. I consider myself to be straight but I guess sometimes you just do get curious about things I suppose. Strangely enough, even though I tried signing up for it last night, coincidentally we got talking about the same subject at work today. Pure coincidence. We were talking about women that get paid good money by strange men to prance about in their underwear or a bikini and we were saying to ourselves whether we'd do the same for a bunch of gay men if we were getting paid enough money. One of my work colleagues said he'd be a prostitute if he was a woman. This is a bit of an unusual thread but nothing coming from me is unusual. So what are your thoughts generally on people making money using their sexuality, both online and offline? Is it a good or bad thing? Dodgy way to make money? Honestly, what are your thoughts? Is it a question of money vs. degradation? When the degrading aspect of it becomes greater than the money, it stops being worth it. Part of my jealousy of women seems to stem from how much money, attention, power etc they can get just using their sexuality, and that is feeding my self-hatred. Yes I know I'm fucked up and confused, but isn't that EXACTLY what this forum is for?
  14. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    Yes, but not really a lot of close ones that I see all the time? I am in the constant company of other males in the workplace, and plenty gets discussed there. Anything and everything can and does get discussed often humorously. But it is more jokes and banter and it would be very difficult to have a serious discussion with them because you know what like. But outside work, no I don't have a huge social life. I know people, and I have my family, but I don't really go out or meet a lot of people as such.
  15. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    There is no such thing as white male privilege, only alpha male privilege. 90%+ of straight white men have a worse life than anyone else in the Western developed world. Historically, it was shameful for a woman to be sexually promiscuous. In many cultures around the world, it still is, but in modern Western society it has become the accepted norm to such an extent that it's almost certainly less socially acceptable now to criticize a woman for being a slut than it is for a woman to actually be one. And whether they want to admit it or not, young white women in Western countries for the most part just can't get enough sex. It's a fact. They love it. And they love wearing revealing clothing and sending naughty pictures of themselves half naked and generally just teasing the boys as much as possible. Women are way more sexually open about what they like than they used to be. In fact, they do all the same things guys do now. Everything that men do, women have to now do it as well. So that includes watching porn, looking for sex online, getting naked on the internet and sticking toys into themselves and even having sex on camera and selling videos of it and prancing about on webcam shows. And they can make money from it as well. Most women I've spoken to about this subject say they masturbate every night. That's more often than I do. Women can have orgasms from practically anything - even just rubbing their legs together. I am absolutely fascinated with sex and the seedier aspects of it including prostitution. I often drive past my city's prostitute zone just to see what's going on. A few weeks ago I drove through a particular street (Miller Street in Aberdeen, Scotland - look it up in Google Street View if you like) one evening and saw a very attractive prostitute who was probably in her 20s, brunette and wearing a black jacket and quite tall and I wanted to pick her up but it's illegal and also I had a car full of food shopping but the temptation was there. What is wrong with me? I broke up my last year-long relationship because I wasn't attracted to the girl, but I got on great with her. Not only do I have problems having actual physical sex, but I am also not really sure that I would want a relationship with the same person that I'm having sex with. To me, I almost would rather have someone for sex, or for a relationship, but not for both. I don't know. I'm confused. I think I'll probably never find a woman I got on with as well as I did with my ex ever again, but I wasn't actually attracted to her so still not sure whether I did the right thing ditching her or not. I probably did, but it sure does get lonely here sometimes. There's more that I'm not telling you. That I've never told this forum. I have this thing called a Twitter account...