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  1. Sick of it. Sick of waking up in the morning not wanting to go outside because I hate who I am. Sick of feeling sexually inadequate because of who I am. I've been tortured by these feelings for about ten years now. Please make it stop. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/jan/13/black-woman-always-fetishised-racism-in-bedroom When even a left-wing media outlet admits that men and women and people of different races are unequal, that really speaks volumes about what's going on, doesn't it? I said I was going to try to forget about race. I was tortured with this for years and years. That fact that I am 6ft 3 tall, arguably not bad looking, with a relatively muscular build, broad shoulders and a 7.5 inch penis means NOTHING to me - because my self esteem has already been destroyed beyond all redemption, time and time and time again. Nothing can make me feel positive about being white and male. Nothing at all. Sorry.
  2. i feel disgusted with myself

    Okay so you've got a strange fetish that I personally don't understand. What are you wanting us to do about it? The one thing you have to remember is that the sexual mind works in strange ways and people in general are aroused by all sorts of bizarre and taboo things.
  3. Small Penis Sexual Experience Poll

    Well, it certainly sounds like you are on to something. All I'm saying is that no matter how good things appear to be going, with someone you haven't met yet you have no idea how it is going to work out in real life. That is all, nothing more to say, not going to argue my case any more. EDIT: One more thing. If any girl or woman in the future ever decides to "ghost" me, I will send her a text saying "Ghosting? Ridiculous childish behaviour, grow up. If you don't like someone just say so" and then leave it at that.
  4. Small Penis Sexual Experience Poll

    That's all fair and well, and best of luck to you, but none of that guarantees that anything will work out. I've been in your situation too many times before. Sure, it might work out for you, but do not be surprised at all if it all comes to nothing. Take it from me as someone with 5+ years' experience of online dating. I've had all of that and more from women, many times in the past, and guess what? It still ends in fuck all. All I'm saying is don't set yourself up for disappointment.
  5. Small Penis Sexual Experience Poll

    Trainspotting was set in Edinburgh in the 1990s. A lot has changed in the world since then. But aside from that, you're not too far off the mark. Certainly, Scotland's cities and urban areas have plenty of lower class people who are like that. The same is true of Britain as a whole. You can post screenshots of the conversation if you want. I had a sex chat with a girl from Fetlife around July/August sort of time and it was wonderful. Then we went on one date, then stopped talking a week later. All I'm saying is that no matter how much stuff is said, there's no guarantee at all it will happen in real life. Just to warn you, because what you are saying sounds very similar to what happened to me last summer. There is even a thread about it here that you might want to read because it's very similar to what is happening to you right now:
  6. Small Penis Sexual Experience Poll

    Speedos are basically just bikinis for men. It's the exact same thing as the lower part of a woman's bikini, just with more space in the crotch area to accomodate a man's cock and balls. All I can say is it takes balls (and a good body) to wear one of them!
  7. Small Penis Sexual Experience Poll

    So you were born on 28th July 1989 then? You are slightly more than two and a half years younger than me. Can't be arsed with socializing this weekend. I am going to the gym this weekend and don't feel like going to a pub full of idiots and drinking shandy. Most of Scotland is actually really nice (in terms of the landscapes, villages and small towns etc) and at least some of the people here are really decent nice and honest folk. But it's more rural Scotland that is nice really - urban Scotland is pretty awful. The culture in Scotland, and Britain as a whole, involves - binge drinking, smoking, drugs, tattoos, smartphones, takeaways and other poor quality food, awful music, uninspiring TV, and the men are obsessed with football. Casual sex and single motherhood are practically the norm in lower class communities and many people live on benefits. In short, mainstream British culture is shit through and through. And it's a politically correct police state here as well. I am not kidding, a guy here was put on trial for teaching his pug dog to do a Nazi salute: https://www.timesofisrael.com/scottish-man-on-trial-for-teaching-pug-nazi-salute/
  8. Small Penis Sexual Experience Poll

    I am very different from you looks wise going on those pictures. Although you are wearing somewhat baggy clothing I can still say with confidence that I am taller and definitely more muscular with broader shoulders than you, but I am also probably fatter as well, although I am working on trying to lose some weight! I am a really big guy in every way whereas you look about average. My face doesn't look at all like yours particularly, and you definitely look younger than me - although I'm 31, someone guessed my age as 40 recently which is slightly worrying! How old did you say you were, 28? I also have short hair unlike yours and I have no facial hair either because I shave every other day. You remind me looks wise a little bit like Gene Ween from the band Ween (if you haven't heard of them I don't blame you) in his younger days (he looks a lot older in recent pictures). About the making friends thing or whatever, yeah I am a pretty easy guy to talk to and people generally appreciate my sense of humour and suchlike. But honestly sometimes I just don't have that much opportunity to socialise, I have a busy life and so on.
  9. Small Penis Sexual Experience Poll

    Haha, well did you actually check out the videos of those porn stars that I suggested? They are just a little bit above what I'd be likely to get in real life. Well above, actually. I think we are always attracted to those who are a little bit out of our league, but not so much wildly so. That being said, I think I could do better, especially if I lost some weight. I do definitely have the template for looking good but I am just carrying a little too much body fat. I am tall, relatively good looking, with broad shoulders and a relatively muscular build. If I eat well and go to the gym I should manage to look pretty good, but it's very hard for me to do this consistently. How are you sure that I'll make friends when you don't even really know me?
  10. Small Penis Sexual Experience Poll

    As I say, I do look at pictures. I get most of my pics from Twitter as I have an account on there for porn. But no, I don't watch a lot of actual porn videos other than short clips on Twitter, and I hardly ever go on tube sites. I used to watch a lot more porn videos than I do now. I do have some porn videos downloaded that I watch occasionally but they are the same old ones, ones that I've enjoyed for years. There are certain porn actresses (like Paige Turnah, Angela White and Sophie Dee - look up their videos on any tube site if you haven't already) that I would consider to be the best of all time and I don't see any new girls coming out that are hotter than them. I like the ones that are the curvy side of average and probably prefer women in their late 20s and early 30s over teens and early 20s - why this is I do not know but I guess I'm just more attracted to women that are of a similar age to myself and that applies to real life dating as well. Did I ever mention that I have posted semi-nude pics of myself on Twitter and Fetlife in order to get attention from women? I've received quite a lot of compliments actually, all of which I have screenshotted - as well as a fair few negative comments. Oh yeah and another thing. Loads of women watch porn, especially the tube sites. My ex girlfriend had the Pornhub app on her phone. Other women I've been involved with have told me they masturbate almost every night. And one last thing. Be thankful you actually even have friends. I have my workmates, my family and their wider social circle, people I know from pubs and bars, people on Facebook and Whatsapp that often live far away and I may not have seen for years, but I don't have a lot of friends outside of that.
  11. Small Penis Sexual Experience Poll

    I don't even watch that much porn these days. I look at pictures on Twitter and other sites, and view short clips, but rarely go on Pornhub type sites or download full length videos. I think it's hard to view any male in porn as representing yourself, because none of them will look exactly like you.
  12. A Big Step for Me Today

    For me, "getting laid" (sex) and a relationship are two totally separate things. If anything I find the assumption that men are only looking for sex to be insulting.
  13. A Big Step for Me Today

    PDX (etc) ... The only reason I appear to have confidence on the surface is because I just don't give a fucking shit. Some people find me loud and annoying. But I don't care.
  14. Best options for dating/meeting women online?

    Well I was in a relationship with a girl I met online for a year, but I ended it because although she was a really nice person and I got on well with her, she was really fat and I just wasn't attracted to that at all. It was a difficult decision to make. Other than that, my experiences have been - first dates that didn't result in a second, short relationships, one night stands, fat girls, completely crazy girls, selfish bitches, women I had nothing in common with ... overall it's been more bad than good.
  15. A Big Step for Me Today

    I'm past the point of caring because I just don't give a fuck anymore. I'm 31 but feel older than that - I was a heavy drinker for a few years and spent time unemployed and lost my mother to cancer then rebuilt my life starting at age 25, also when I was younger like school age I got into a lot of fights and was bullied. All of this stuff ages you and wears you out. Some people just sail through life with few or no apparent problems at all. I've had more than my fair share. So if someone doesn't like me, I really really don't give a fuck because they are not worth my time. That being said, I still really struggle with my self-esteem and strong feelings of self-hatred. Just because I may act like I'm confident on the outside doesn't mean that I feel alright on the inside.