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Meeting's Over



Okay, my long meeting is over, so I can think about thinking, again. Code reviews deserve to be taken seriously, so it's hard to understand what happens, when we have them. People think it odd that I make more than half the comments in a room full of people ... And it is odd: where are they? :-)

Anyway ... I think I will use this space, today, to make a list of things to do for the coming weekend and week.

1. Vacuum, clean, and wash the Volvo.

2. Virginia state income tax (due last week).

3. Light cleaning in the apartment, plus regular weekly stuff like groceries and laundry.

4. Call the finance company for the Volvo, to explore options for disposing of it.

5. Call the finance company for my Nissan, same purpose.

6. Possibly get the Volvo appraised for sale, and the Nissan, too, at some point.

7. Plan for a trip over Memorial Day.

8. Fun things, like play with electronics, read, take a day trip, organize and e-mail photos from last weekend.

Er, I think that's most of it ...

It's not all urgent, but it's better for me to be aware. Then I can't pretend I didn't know.

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