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Hey Linda,

Today is good because your own children should be treating you good. Are they? I certainly hope so. If not, teach them how to treat you on this day, especially how you want to be treated.

My mother is gone on too, but, thankfully I have my own child. And she has asked what I wanted or wanted to do. This is a wonderful day set aside in the name of living mothers.

Whatever, your mother did or didn't do is certainly gone on with her. We still love them, a feeling because we did bond with them. You are in a different house now, bonding with your own children. Make it something wonderful and loving for them to remember, when you are no longer with them. That's is what it's all about, sweety. ---YOU are important to them. Show them how to treat you on your special days, birthdays and Mother's day, like a queen, which you are to them.

love you,

and have a wonderful day:o

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Thanks so much Muse for your kind words of inspiration to me. You are right. And it has been hard keeping this day special as I have also spent it in the hospital in past years or been home depressed. So they always don't know how to react anymore to me and I can't blame them. But i am still their Mother, and always will be... :)

Happy Mothers day to you, Muse :)

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