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I am beyond tired but have loads of shit swirling in my head. I've done the walk around the house checked the kids, checked the animals everyone but me is sound asleep. One of my kids has this goofy grin on his face I wish I could be asleep like him dreaming away about something great.A billion and one TV channels yet somehow not one peaks my interest or keeps my attention.

Thumbed through a list my wife made of things to get when we go shopping in the morning, The toy store is having some decent sales the next 2 days and well it's time to load up for the holidays.I'm actually looking forward to the shop. I hate shopping in general but toy shopping is always a blast. Once we get the kids off to school then I'll get to be a big kid for a while.Several R/C toys on the list and of course will have to come home and play um I mean make sure everything works. There doesn't seem to be much on the list that will require mass assembly on Christmas Eve although I'm sure this is only a partial list of things to come.My wife loves Christmas and although I'm not much into holidays I get a lot of happiness from her and the kids loving it so much.

Well I'm hungry maybe a nice jumbo sandwich will make me tired otherwise I'll play some wii. The monster truck game is neat even though I don't play it like it should be. I enjoy picking the school bus with monster tires and running over an crashing into everything.


Spent my first day off on leave out shopping with my wife. First up was the toy store having fairly decent sales which my wife loves. I really do not like shopping but toy shopping is always something I enjoy. I had loads of fun in the vehicle and action figure isles. My wife loaded up on various art supplies (have a budding little artist who is quite good) then off to the R/C cars, trucks and helicopters. Then of course the video game isle. Between the store sales and my wife printing a million and one coupons it felt like we robbed the place considering all the stuff we walked out with. The video game isle I think was the toughest since so, many games are overly violent. We try to stay within the racing, sport type game genres but there was one game that was really wanted that we had to stand an really think about.

Then off to the bike store we went which was oddly packed more so, than the toy store. Trying to pick a bike for one of the kids that won't be too much for him to handle but also something with some growing room. I really didn't like the selection they had which seemed rather outrageously priced for crappily made bikes.Off to another store we went several towns away by which time I needed food.

I LOVE to eat. It's been a awhile since having lunch with my wife.We ate and talked and it was nice being able to relax some.Talked about work and the kids even got a few hints of what she would like for Christmas. Anyway, back to bike shopping which gave us a few options we will think over. Then off to the clothes store we went. I really hate clothes shopping normally my wife does it without me. I am of no help really other than being a pretty good cart pusher. The kids grow like weeds always needing something. I did help pick out some jammies though.

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