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I'm out of control,

the dirty deeds killing everything I am.

The pain is burning me alive from the inside out.

Rage is an unstoppable force driving the sins I hate to love.

Someone save me!

Nobody knows the secret I keep beneath my skin,

skin that crawls with self war.

The devil is leading me down his flame infested exsistence,

God help me!

In the devil's hand is the soul I'm trying to salvage with everything I have.

I'm sinking lower, suffocating under the changes.

I'm trying to control the fear that grips my heart and squeezes.

It's a weary road to walk alone,

it's desolate land without a hand to hold.

Anguish is ever present,

expressed through exhausted, sympathetic eyes.

A roar is welling up in my chest,

it's ready to rip from my throat to ears obliviant.

Here I am; in combat,

fighting with something to say.


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