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Arbitrary Dreaming



My heart is the core of where I deny everything,

it's where my world lives in the dominion of fiction.

Burning inside of me fabrications keep my eyes wondering.

I should be searching for a parable,

I should turn my head from the constant misconceptions.

There is something about this love,

something I can't run from.

Reach down deep inside me and find the truth,

bring me to my knees and repeat the words.

I have discovered tears I can't cry,

I have found the soul I'd forgotten cradled with a resonance.

It's profoud;

it's the life dwellilng within the sound.

This is evidence of fantasy mechanisms.

My eyes automatically close,

imagery will have its liberty behind the defect.

Arbitrary dreaming si my nocturnal escape,

as honorable as my getaway is it's darkness in the wait.

Fascinating creature I am,

The dreaming realm I create.


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