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Closing time...



Well the time has come to close up this blog Yes finally got the new one up and appears to be working without flaw so far crosses all fingers and toes

I will be picking up Jedidiah soon and of course than his final decision will be known and he will obviously join us at our new playground

Hotspot and the Mrs will be there as well Hes been home a short time decided to wait for me to get our move finalized instead of returning here

Shannon load up the horsies pooches and of course your mom Ill get the important info to ya as soon as Jedidiah is back from amishland

Almost everything from here is in the new blog hopefully you all will like what Ive done


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Mike and Shannon (and Hotspot and Jedidiah)

Oh, I have thought hard about this. I'm afraid I won't be able to join you at the new site - I am already stretched thin with checking many sites and email addresses, as well as everything that is going on with my offline life. The case with my tenant looks set to go to court. I am going to have to start being on call and working overtime at my work. And other things. I simply can't keep up.

I will miss this.

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Im sorry to hear that you don't think you can join us Luna, sounds though that you are extremely busy these days. I hope everything works in your favor regarding the tenant..I can't see how it could not..Boy, what a relief you can have if you can just get rid of her once in for all..I swear there are people on this planet that their sole purpose is to make others miserable.

I am still waiting for my directions Mike...all packed and ready to go..I don't want to get lost..

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Its ok luna dont take this wrong but I assumed you werent going to be coming anyway but for other reasons maybe its those and the ones you listed who knows really you would have been welcome to but like I said figured you werent anyway wish you the best anyhow

Shannon you wont get lost or forgotten dont worry just think it would be better for us all to enter together that way no one feels left out etcetc Jedidiah isnt back from Amishland yet thought I was gonna pick him up today actually but plans changed till later this month I still cant wait to find out his decision either way once he returns will have at least a few months more with him or forever depending

anyway sorry meant to keep you more updated but between jobs school and the furry kids time seems to tick away

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To bad you didn't get to pick up Jedidiah yet..I hope all is going well for him..and will be happy to hear from him..sure do miss him.

I have been busy getting mom's paperwork together..seeing a new attorney on Tuesday..hopefully this one will know his shit..we will see. If we can get mom on Medicaid, it will pay for her in home care amoung other things..so keep your fingers crossed.

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me and the hotspots have all of our fingers and toes crossed for you and moms Shannon

I really miss Jedidiah too a lot I got a very short call from him few days ago he sounded happy enjoying time with his family I was getting all excited about going to pick him up and than the call came so a few more weeks and Ill go get the hamburglar I wish I knew what he decided already so I could be sad already and get that over with ya know

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I know..the suspense has got to be killin ya..I know it is me and I haven't even talked with him in such a long time..He is such an awesome guy. The world here would only benefit with him in it.

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Well, saw the attorney, again nothing they can do..but at least this one sat down a really looked it over and had some suggestions on how to deal with the state..so now I have to make an appt with a caseworker for the state..still kinda getting the run around..according to attorney mom can't have an income of more than $1,400 per month to eligble for the state assists..ugh..I can live on the much a month, but for someone in her condition and medical costs can't.

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Shannon, I'm sorry you seem to be continually hitting a dead end. I'm not sure why finding a lawyer that has knowledge and the ability to start a trust with her limited benefits is so, difficult. It's not as if she has a multi million dollar income. Anyway, my wife will look into it all further and suggest exact names of specific trusts available in this situation.

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I know its ridiculous isn't it. Well any info Mrs. Hospot can come up with will be appriciated..so far she has been the most knowledgeble about this. Its good to hear from you..sure do miss you guys.

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Just sold my horse Shea..had to..may have to find home for the others..Im trying to keep my horse Sam though..Its tearing my heart out. Shea is the one that would look awesome with Domino at her side..she is a big black and white pinto..very exotic looking. I miss her so much. Selling my Alpha Romeo too..and my fire engine..

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awe shannon that all really sucks real sorry I think we might know someone needing their very own fire truck hmm I wonder who that could be just sucks though havin to sell your furry friends and stuff like this

sorry Ive not been around all that much jugglin so many things right now got a fourth job and doin school now still cant wait for Jedidiah to come back I miss chattin with everyone

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I think we are thinking of the same person as to regards to who should have my firetruck..I was thinking how awesome it would be if I had magical powers and I could just blink and it would appear on his door step...I have a lot going on to help remedy my situation,finally found someone to help get this all sorted out..will tell all later.

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I'm glad you finally found someone to help Shannon. btw I think Jedidiah would love his very own fire engine however, if not just back it right into my garage. :D

Mike, how is school going?

It's been very busy around here trying to get everything the kids need to start school next month. My wife and I cannot believe the summer is almost over already.

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Yeah..You and Jedidiah could share it..If there was a way I could get it to you guys..I would believe me..I want it to go somewhere where it would be loved and a appreicated it..I would just plain old give it to you and Jedidiah...oh wouldn't your kids love it..she's a cutie.. Man I sure do you miss you guys..

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so shannon whod you get to help and how they work things out for yous?

school is going Ive cooked more in the past month than in forever and real stuff too actual meals the cooking isnt the hard part of school all the readin and writing though thats been a pain in the ass thankfully some of my old people have been helpin out and windows 7 accessories a god send Ive learned how to properly make all the familiar italian dishes lasagna all the parmas and baked ones now on to some of the more involved italian dishes my med delights class is not all that great though really not liking the food as I thought I would but its not totally horrible got a really hot kitchen station partner in that class at least Im alone in my italian class

I cant believe the summer is almost over either Is the new kid gonna be going to school with the others? Next Sun I go to pick up the hamburglar with Domino and Jazz in tow cant believe how big Jazz has gotten already think Domino must be given him miracle grow or something when Im not lookin cuz he sure is growin hes got big paws to grown into my old people are really lovin on him when I bring him to work and he laps up all the attention he is just like Domino such a ham for attention

anyway you were right about the pool filter being a mess to clean I figured it would be with them swimmin like they do Im gonna have to get that more doggy friendly one you told me about the auto cleaner keeps everything out of the water for swimming but cleaning the filter every 10 days is not something I want to have to do the one you told me about is like $700 bucks though will work on getting it for next season will be closing up the pool sometime next month probably towards the end when do you close yours? Also I noticed the water bill went up a real lot I knew it would but dont think I expected it too so much think maybe there is a leak or running the filter to much or something I dont know ah pool ownership

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Had a case worker from the state come to the house and we talked for quite sometime, went over all kinds of stuff, like mom's income status and what she pays out. He sounded very hopeful and knew how to go about getting an income cap trust which she would need before she could qualify for medicaid...So we were all set up to do the paperwork and get started..was getting very hopeful, Crystal and I would be paid through the state and even have insurance after we got our ID numbers....then the next day he called..he had talked to his supervisor and found out that we could not do this with her income, she makes about $500.00 to much, which then she would still have to pay in for services and she would be paying out more than she is now. I just can't seem to find away around this problem. I give up. I have all of my belongings up for sale. I will no longer have mom pay me an allowance. I want it all to go to her care. Had to lay off Crystal more hours..basically all she will be doing is just sitting for a couple of hours during the week so that I can do errands and thats it. It is what it is, and I will continue to do what I must. It really pisses me off when I see people who are out of work but are being to choosey about working min wage jobs..hell I don't care if I could I will pump gas, pick up garbage, as it is I am still able to clean stalls for gas money..I tell ya..if I could work around mom i would be out there working at anything I could find, I don't care what it is.

Mike I am so proud of you going to cooking school, it sounds awesome. I sure wish that I could be your guinea pig. I can't wait for you to pick up Jedidiah either..You best get him on here to post as soon as you can, I sure would love to hear from him.

Oh and regarding the hottie in your class...are you thinkin of askin her out???? you don't have to tell me..just curious;)

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that really sucks shannon I just dont get how so many can suck off the system endlessly and some without even real need and yous are gettin nothin on top of more nothin while bein in dire strait jesus lets not even get me started on all the prima donnas unwilling to take any job availble and be thankful and something other than whiney babies the economy sucks jobs suck right now that is true but there are jobs out there for those actually willing to work yeah one job probably isnt going to pay the bills so get 2 6 8 whatever it takes instead of just laying around bitching and moaning fuck Ive got 4 now 2 steady 2 as needed

the other night I did 4hrs for livery service got this twit in the back seat ramblin away bitching on her latest model iphone about how social services is threatening to take away her public assistance WELFARE....get this wait for it

because shes failed 2 drug screens and didnt go to any of the required meetings OR show up at either of the 2 jobs THEY got for her

her words were Im not baggin any fucking groceries OH and the capper to her bullshit whinefest and saddest is that her mother has her 6 kids so her mother got stuck with her kids and she was bitching about how her mother wouldnt give her any of the money shes receiving to care for them

I work 4 jobs so a scum bag like this can drug it up have the latest gadgets breed like a rabbit most likely making only more mini hers whats the chance theyll be anything different 1/6 2/6 hmm thankfully her ride was prepaid probably by me and the rest of the tax payers but at least it meant I didnt have to talk to her or take anything from her I really didnt even want to stop just slow down and kick her out but I did stop

My very next pick up was a 60+ year little old lady who could barely walk trying to figure out in the back of the taxi if shed be able to pay for her copayment at the pharmacy for her medication because taking a taxi home after working late past bus route hour wasnt in the normal months budget and would I charge more if we stopped at the pharmacy while she went in to get her medication before going home otherwise shed have to go back out to walk the 3-4 blocks

I wish I could move to another planet

I wish I could share some of my italian cookings with you I knew how to make several of them but now I know how to make them a lot better and am learning several new dishes

oh and no Im not gonna be askin the hottie from class out just dont have the time for anything like that right now she had asked me out for coffee but I just wasnt in the mood Ill just enjoy checkin her out and cookin not so great Mediterranean delights with her

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yeah..I just don't get the system at all, I mean I know that I can go get food stamps for myself easily enough, but I sure don't won't to, but need to ..I'd rather work 2-4 jobs like you do..you do whatever can do to make it in this world..this is the longest I have ever been off of work. I had 3 jobs once..one was just weekends like your cementary one. I just can't wrap my brain around how the system will continue to help people like the wench you describe, but not help out my mother. go figure..another planet to move to sounds great to me Mike, as i often feel that I am from another planet. Hmm maybe we should pick out a planet..

boy that food sounds sooo good..love italian food.

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I just had an idea pop into my rather tattered little brain Mike, I was thinking what if I opened up my home as a adult day care place..Im not interested in running an adult foster home, but after looking into what was NOT available as respite care, this could be an alternative for those in my situation. I mean respite care for people like my mom costs $130 a day in a nursing home..thats all we have her..we do have senior centers but they are more for a social place for those who are still quite able bodied and do not need 24 hour care. I wouldn't be able to do people in severe condition as my mom, but I think as more people in my mom's age bracket will need care, it could be an alternative, this age bracket is going to be in the same situation as my mom, they are the last of the middleclass with pensions that will be eaten up by medical costs and caregiving, more people will have to care for their parents and there just isn't going to be room in the nursing homes for everyone. Would maybe just start small and just have a couple of people to watch over while the family members work,,that way people can keep their jobs. Lots of research to do to see what I would need, house would have to be fixed up better, but I would have time, won't be able to do this while mom is still alive and kicking cause I need to focus on her and adding to it just wouln't be a good idea, plus I have to protect from the public cause of flu and stuff, but after she passes on, maybe this is something I could do for others..hmmm..would name it after my mom, since her name is Joy, it would be called Joy's House..need to start researching the possiblities..If you talk to Mrs.Hotspot..ask her what she thinks of this...just a brain storm right now.

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I was thinking what I would like to do once this journey with my mom comes to an end, I would like to open the house up as an adult daycare place, for those who are in my mom's situation. There are just going to be more elderly with pensions that will become dependant on care and that income will be stretched to its limits and then some, just with medical and caregiving costs alone. And family members are going to be faced with the same issues as I. they may end up loosing there jobs to take care of a parent or relative. There is no help out there as you know I found out.. Yes there is respite care..in a nursing home at the sweet cost of $130 per month, yes there are senior centers, but they are set up as social clubs for those seniors who are still able bodied and don't need 24 hour care. I know I probably wouldn't be able to provide day care for someone in my mom's condition, completely bedridden, but there are those that just can't be left alone, I may need to just start out small and just provide daycare for a just a couple to start with..I am going to have to research it to see what I need..Im sure somesort of business licence as well as making some improvements in the home..but there is time as mom is still planning to hang around for awhile.

Mike if you see or talk to Mrs. Hotspot, tell her about thid idea and see what she thinks..I value her opinion..talk to ya later..be good at school and play nice with the other kids..:D

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I think that you have a wonderful idea, after all you'd have had first hand experience which would put others at ease with leaving their loved ones in your care. It is definitely something to consider as a future endeavor. It could not only be something done as a living legacy to your mother but also found to be quite fulfilling for yourself.

I am still looking into further care plans that possibly could assist you with your mother's care.

Mike, it is unnerving to say the least to read about your latest taxi occupants. The system is broken and unfortunately has been for far too long. One of the reasons I've taken a lengthy hiatus from working in my field besides wanting to be home full time for the children is because I was becoming burnt out from the endless road blocks in acquiring appropriate, adequate care for my clients. I will never return to the public social service sector. When the children are older I will return working but only in private practice ie counseling.

On a more positive note I am so, happy to hear that you are enjoying your cooking classes. Do you think you might like to take others once these are completed? Our last addition which believe it or not will be with us a year in November may start school with the other boys. Hotspot and I have a meeting scheduled next week to discuss his educational plan. He has come a long way in the nearly 10 months with us and despite everything he has endured in his short life really is a great kid.

btw I too am looking forward to Jedidiah returning.


Mrs. Hotspot

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I tend to agree with my wife about your idea being a good one Shannon. It's something to really look into and in a way something to look forward to since it would take planning etc I know home daycares for children here in NY don't even have to be licensed unless they have more than a certain number of children. Your state and adult care could be different but surely worth looking into. I think you would find it rewarding in a lot of ways.

Mike, what a disgrace of a human it sounds like you had in the back of your cab the other night. I try to remind myself of those on welfare that really need it and that are using it as it was meant for. It is becoming increasingly difficult to feel that way with everything I see and hear. Overall I'm glad there is such a program for those in need. I do hope they figure out some way to weed out people like the one you mentioned. This woman failed 2 drug tests and decided to not show up to 2 different jobs she was given sigh. If it were up to me 1 failed drug test would have been enough to take away her benefits why allow another and still only threaten. There aren't any real consequences that is the issue, one of many obviously. I feel for those children as they are unfortunate victims casualties of supreme selfishness and irresponsibility. Most women would probably want to hang me by my testicles for saying this but a women like that should be sterilized. Everyone falls on hard times, everyone makes mistakes that is entirely part of being a living breathing human being however, there comes a point where those mistakes shouldn't be constantly thrusted upon others in more ways than I have the energy to get into.

OK well my wifey answered about school and our last addition wow it is almost a year my how time flys. As for the pool I've closed it at different times mainly now though I close it the weekend before school starts. I think I told you we have solar panels for heating so, technically we could get away with leaving it open till probably mid Oct. I use to close the pool the last week of Sept but that was a problem for my wife and the kids. When school starts they would want to come home and get in the pool instead of doing homework etc For the last several years I close it now the last weekend before school starts so, that their brains get off the Summer all funtime clock and back into a school, homework, strict bedtime routine. Getting that filter I suggested is really something that will save a lot of time and hassle. Oh and that slide of yours might be the culprit for the increased water bill I know when we first had ours put in it had been set up on the same timer as the filter, add in natural evaporation and needing to replenish and thats where the numbers start to add up. If the slide and filter are on the same time you have to split them so they work solo. I also found 6-8 max filter on was all that is really needed to keep all the levels in the pool within range anything more than that is just overkill on water and electric. Are you closing the pool on your own or having it done?

Well it's time for me to hit the shower then head into work. TC

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Thank you Mrs. Hotspot for your input, the more I think about it, the more I get encouraged by the possibilities..already thought of a name...since my mom's name is Joy, I would call it Joy's House :P. Thank you and Hotspot for the support you have shown me.

I too was taken back by Mikes experience with the woman in his taxi...I bet he kept thinking he wished he could just slam the brakes and toss her out on her ass,,what strength not to do so.. I totally agree about everything you said Hotspot about how the system is there for people who use it correctly yet it seems it is overwhelmed with those who use it as a way just to continue their bad habits without accountability. I can't say honestly that I would disagree with you about the sterilization thought...and this is coming from a woman. I understand totally how Mrs. Hotspot would be burnt out on career working for such a system.

A year! wow..hard to believe..maybe we should have an aniversary party! I am so happy to hear that the latest edition to your family is doing well, that is so terrific considering how it all started out for the poor little guy.

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shannon I think eventually opening up the house for daycare of old people in your moms name is good sweet idea old people need some place to hangout that dont cost a fortune or put their adult kids carrin for them in money pit

hotspot yeah thought Id try closin it myself I got all the stuff supposedly needed and the have to do and dont do sheet The slide and filter are the problems there isnt any leak to be found been running the filter way too much and it isnt running alone Ill have to fix that and seriously trim the time with the automated cleaner thingie in there it really does clean a lot all on its own so then add in the main filter and yeah thats whats makin the bills lots higher anyway hoping my furry kids will understand the cover isnt for walking they are good at waiting and not just jumping in the pool with out permission but a covered pool might seem just like just another part of the yard for walking concerned wouldnt want them having any accidents with the storm possibly coming this weekend Im hoping my house and yard dont get too beat up tell the Mrs yeah Im thinking about taking 2 more classes when these are over Im thinking soups and stews and Im not quite sure about the second yet

Plan is to go get Jedidiah on Sunday after I get off work really looking forward to it would be nice if the weather works with the plan really missing the hamburglar

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