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Can Some People Go Any Lower



I asked what could possibly cause the grinding noise coming from the engine of my Moped on MopedArmy. They "trolled" me good for it and and I return the favor. Why shouldn't I defend myself. The members decided to look up my home address and send me books and magazines like it was going to make me run for the hills. After that poor excuse of an admin banned me, the members decided to slander me on their Moped Wiki. Apparently I'm the bad guy for asking a question.

Leatherface was my childhood idol but what do you expect when a child is being raised in a violent environment and allowed to watch horror movies.

The members of MopedArmy think that it's wrong for a guy to have a romantic interest in older women. They also think there's something wrong with a couple getting tested for STDs BEFORE having sex:eek: Apparently I have a sexual fantasy about that stupid Avatar movie.

What straight guy doesn't talk about two hot lesbian neighbors. My former neighbor John Fritz IS a dirty old man and any woman that has met him will tell you that. I was at Wal-Mart just after midnight one morning buying school supplies when I see four "studs" making out. They are butch dykes.

The members of MopedArmy think that I don't know anything about firearm laws. I know the laws quite a bit. Permits and registration are a state law and Indiana doesn't have that law. Nor are background checks required for private sales inside Indiana. The airguns I own are considered firearms in some states but Indiana isn't one of those states. They think that because I have a history of violence as a child and like guns that I'd use them to harm somebody which isn't even close to being true.

I supposedly have a preoccupation with zoophilia, necrophilia, and incest. Well they're utterly wrong about that one too.

I never said that I was tougher and more street-smart than everybody on the planet. I said that I was better than average.

They're trying to get people to believe that I'm sexually obsessed with female caretakers. That too is a load of shit and they know it:eek: I've tacked on the suffix "bear" to plenty of women that I care about. I often call my mother "mommabear".

Contrary to what they say I sure in the Hell didn't like seeing my sister ram a dildo up her 1st husband's ass. Our grandmother had me go see what the hold up was after they got back from getting fastfood for dinner. Our grandmother had me looking through my sister's email account after she didn't come home from a one-night stand with a convict fresh out of Club-Pen. I dreaded that task because I know what I was going to find in my sister's email account.

Yep I've been perma-banned from a few websites due to other members being smartasses to me.

Just because I was violent towards everbody as a child doesn't mean that I still am. Again what do you expect from a child being raised in a violent environment.

Oh yeah they say that I idolize violent serial killers. I have a little sympathy for serial killers because of their upbringing because I know what they went through. That doesn't mean that codone their actions because I do not.

I said that Jocks will always be completely worthless in the long run. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

The Northeastern Center didn't get restraining orders against me, only the three assigned to my treatment plan did. They did so to block any attempt of my filing a lawsuit against them:mad: I'm not the only client that they fucked up with. What goes around, came back around and hit the Northeastern Center twice as hard.


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I dont get it. How come you dont have any friends? Its so bewildering. =/

You don't have to get it. Now what part of STFO my Blog don't you understand. I DON'T LIKE YOU AND I SURE IN THE HELL DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

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