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The End Of The NEC



The Northeastern Center has severely screwed up the lives of many clients. They were successfully sued many years ago and still continued to do wrong to their clients. In 2009 the Northeastern Center was made aware of a client being suicidal and refused to take action to protect the client. On 02/03/10 I went in and asked not once but twice to be admitted due to being extremely depressed and feeling suicidal. Both times my treatment team refused. When I told my treatment team that I was considering a lawsuit they kicked me out, quickly hired an Attorney and got restraining orders to block any attempt of me suing them. Shortly after being kickd out nearly every staff member walked out on the NEC for some reason or other. The NEC started forcing clients out. The NEC also refused to services to other people in need. In doing so not only did the NEC hang themselves but bought the rope to do it. This is what happens when somebody refuses to do what is right. What went around, came back around and hit them twice as hard.



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AP, as you probably know, I can really relate to your feelings about this situation. Also your signature line. I prefer to hear someone’s feelings of rage and vengeance out in the world rather than for them to hide those feelings away so that they sneak out in “invisible” ways like it was among the women in the family I grew up in.

I used to think that phrase “’Vengeance is mine’, says the Lord” meant that I wasn’t supposed to feel vengeance, that it wasn’t my place, it was up to God. But I had a thought of another way to look on that when I read your blog post. What if it means that when wrongs are committed then God is on the side of those who are justifiably outraged. Then vengeance is God’s, too.

Anyway, seems like you’ve done all you can to right the wrongs that were done to you. I hope that you CAN rest in peace about it, in time. Because I agree with you – what goes around, comes around, and that’s another way to look at God taking on the task of vengeance.

I also hope you’re not offended by my use of the word “God”. I’m actually more comfortable the term Higher Power or universe, but I just stayed consistent with the quote.

Take care.

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