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Fightin' and F***in'



I've had a few jocks and preps say that I obsess over these things. Isn't that what guys are supposed to do, fight all day and fuck all night. Those are what defines a guy. When it comes to guys those are a right of passage aren't they:confused:


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There are all sorts of things guys are "supposed" to be, AP.

Six-pack abs, manly chests (hairy or hairless seems to come and go like a fashion), sports, the activities you mentioned.

But really, are those just what (some) guys say they are, have, or do all day? Or, on the other hand, is that all you'd want to be, even if it's possible?

We each get to decide our own priorities. There's no reason to listen to someone else tell you theirs, much less to believe them. It's much easier to claim to be a great lover than actually to be one, after all.

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I don't think I was raised to be much of a womanizer. Fighting on the other hand was about all I did growing up in one form or another. I know my Sperm Donor was very violent and so was his father. Maybe it's just bred into me.

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My dad's stepfather beat him regularly.

My dad sometimes raised his hand, but he never allowed himself to strike us.

Nothing is bred in, AP. Choice is virtually the definition of human. Who do you want to be?

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I'm sure if it goes back enough generations it could be. Behavior and traits are passed on from generation to generation. Pitbulls are an excellent example. However that doesn't mean that the Pitbull with a questionable family history can't learn positive things. Something that needs more looking into.

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The thing is, though, people aren't bred by other people, with a specific purpose in mind, like pitbulls are. Each generation, every person, gets to choose how it wants to live. We don't choose our genetics, our families, but we do choose what we do with them. Similarly, we don't get to choose what happens to us (some pretty awful shtuff does happen), but we do get to choose what we do about it.

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