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Well DAMN!



My daughter is in grade 11 and is a wonderful girl. She was nominated to receive the Lt. Governor's medal at school. She was in competition with two other girls for the medal. These other two girls are wonderful people that deserve the medal as well. In fact, all through school my daughter and these two other girls have been the top three in their grade.

The decision was made yesterday after school and my daughter did not win the medal. One of the other girls did. I am terribly upset. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely pleased for the girl who won. She is a wonderful girl and this win will be so good for her psyche. I am very happy for her. But at the same time I am really upset my daughter didn't win. I am crossing my fingers and hoping she isn't too upset. Yesterday, when we found out she was nominated for the medal I told her that she may not win because she had very stiff competition, but even if she didn't win that getting nominated was a huge honor. She knows this so I hope she isn't too upset about not winning the medal. She will probably be like me - extremely happy for the girl who won but at the same time upset she didn't win.

I know I am biased but I really think my daughter deserved to win. My heart is broken.

But life does go on and there will be other medals and awards (she just won a silver medal at the Regional Science Fair in fact).

Anyways, I just needed to release my feelings so that I don't let them fester and clog up my brain.




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