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baldness and being a cat



I brush my hair and a fistful of hair is left in my brush. I wash my hair and a fistful of hair is washed down the drain. When I was a teenager and young adult I had very thick hair, so thick I needed extra big elastics to put it in a pony tail. So thick that banana clips wouldn't hold it. Now my hair is very thin. I am shocked when I run my fingers through it at how thin it has gotten. So I find myself wondering if I am going to be bald or will this hair loss stop at some point? Is this hair loss due to getting older (I'm 40), stress, hair dye, or does depression and meds have anything to do with it? Whatever the cause, how much hair am I going to lose? I like my hair and want to keep it:)

Yesterday I was stressed and frustrated. I was tense and snappy all day. Today I am promising myself I will not be like that. If I need to put the computer away to do that than I will. I need to relax and stop stressing so much about everything. I think I'll pretend to be a cat today. I am going to lie on the couch and enjoy the sun shining in on me. I am just going to bask in that sun and do nothing, think nothing. Sounds heavenly!

Have a good day everyone!

"Everyone wants to be a cat" - the Aristocats



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