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Where Am I Going?



So, okay, having established that balance is a good thing, you might be tempted to ask, well, how are you doing in achieving it?

Not that well. I've always been known as a better preacher than practitioner. I've been finding it particularly difficult to establish a direction for my life, since I'm at a place where I have the opportunity to make a new choice. What I don't seem to be able to do is to identify what I want.

I mean, I had my life set up a certain way when I was single. I lived alone, I had two cats, I had interests, or hobbies, but I was still mostly marking time. That waiting feeling is what caused me to jump so fast when a relationship was offered. And unfortunately, that feeling is back. At least I've changed enough not to be satisfied with that; I just haven't figured out what to do differently.


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The feeling you describe is somewhat familiar. The quickest remedy is to make up whatever it is you want, then make it happen. For instance, a few ideas could be committing oneself to go to the gym regularly, run a marathon, volunteer for a special interest group, take a class of interest, start dating, or taking over the world. The options are boundless and it is easy to understand why you find it difficult to establish a direction in life. Therefore, the solution to this situation is to pick any one task you have the slightest commitment to complete and just do it with everything you've got. It does not matter if we win or lose, but it is the struggle to the heights that gives us meaning.

What do I do now? Where do I go from here? These questions are evergreen for humanity. But, in the words of a wise man who once accosted me on the bus ride home: Sometimes you gotta just do it! Go!

Upon my leaving the bus, this wise man asked that I give his words credence. So, I duly pass them along. Sometimes you gotta just do it. Just do it and go! ;)

At the time, and even to this day, I do not know if “just do it” is the way to go, but I do know now that good people do not know when to stop thinking sometimes. Further, you just have to trust in yourself. It does not matter if mistakes are made because even if you err, you will have what it takes to admit the mistakes and correct it.

Hope this helps!

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I like where you guys are going! Slightest commitment to hum, ok I have some ideas... ok , but now I have to rest from a hard day's work!

Hope I have awesome dreams of goals and get psyched...mmmm


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