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Surprise call



I got a call from the call center where I sent my resume. I thought I didn't qualify, they usually call in a week, and it's been about 2 weeks already, so I wasn't really expecting it. I'm scheduled to take an exam there in a few days. Though I am getting anxious, I am telling myself not to expect anything. If I passed and I was accepted, then it was meant for me. I hope they won't see how nervous I am. :rolleyes:


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once you start the exam you'll be too preoccuped to be nervous, and they expect it,the last time i had an interview i was so nervous my head was twitching and nodding up and down, i looked like a puppet on a string lol but i got the job!

im sure you can do it,just remind yourself that one day they were in the interviewees position and they were nervous too.

Good luck :)

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