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Who Am I Kidding?



I wanna share part of a letter I sent to my uncle:

"I'm still in job training. We still have two more weeks before we start taking calls for the full 8 hrs of work (which means I'm now in agony and then before I know it I'll be in more agony). I'm still learning about the account (which means that I don't know what I'm doing for at least half the time taking calls ). According to my superiors I'm good at building rapport with the customers (which means I suck at everything else). But they also mentioned that I have to lower my HT---handle time (which means I am eating up too much time with a customer trying to make a connection because I'm buying some time while I'm trying to figure out how to solve his problem). Is it nerve-wracking? Oh, no, it's worse. And by the end of the year we'll be saying goodbye to all of our kind trainers while we're being endorsed to our supervisors from hell (I heard that they yell and swear a lot, I hope it's not true)."

And as if that weren't enough, I was crazy enough to join the company's own version of American Idol. So far I'm one of the finalists and the final showdown will happen during our company's Xmas party (which is a few hours from now). Because of that contest I wasn't able to get enough sleep for two days back to back and my work performance suffered. Normally we handle about 15 calls in two hours, in my case it's two calls for two hours. :( Needless to say my trainer wasn't very happy about it, but I could tell that she was still being nice to me about it, probably bec. of the (company name) Idol. (They really are nice, I guess.)

Ok, I gotta go.


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