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I smiled a bit at your giant pink question. :-)

For one thing, it's almost the definition of obsessing, to blow something up way bigger than it is.

That's not to say that what you feel isn't real; I know how much pain you're in, worrying about this stuff. It's just that what you're worrying about isn't really as big as you think it is. It might help you to go back to writing normal-sized, just so you don't reinforce your fears. We'll still try to reply to you, don't worry.

But my answer to how to deal with OCD would be, talk to a psychiatrist. You don't have to go into detail about what you worry about, but they can help you with this.

It won't make you "mental"; there's no such thing. Turn a mirror around on yourself. Other than the pressure you're under, in your life, and this tendency to worry too much, are you any different from any other 16 year old out there? I don't think so.

So, go to the doctor, see what he can do for you, and go back to being a kid again, just as if you had a bad case of flu.

But you might find it would help you to talk to a therapist about all the stuff that's going on at home, too. That would be enough to stress anyone out; there's nothing wrong with talking to someone to get help on how to handle all that.

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Hey Malign,

Sorry I haven't replied. I've only just realised you've commented. HAHA, it was meant to be red, but it came out pink. I think my 'OCD' has gotten better. I still worry, but less frequently. Like I can have a few days still thinking about stuff but not worrying - as much.

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