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Just do it



Well I almost quit about a week ago. My supervisor and manager, as well as my husband and my sister, talked me out of it.

I'm giving myself until the end of the contract (that's in April) to decide whether I will stay or not. I promised that I'd stay on at least until April. I don't want to make anymore promises after that. I'll take it one day at a time.

On top of my anti-depressants, right now I'm taking a tranquilizer to get rid of my "panic attacks" while on calls. I need just the right amount (half a tablet), otherwise my performance will take a plunge because of feeling too drowsy.

My colleagues and my supervisor are aware that I'm taking tranquilizers and they are discouraging me from taking them because I might become dependent. Of course I couldn't explain how much I needed it, and I didn't tell them that I'm being treated for depression. All they know is that I'm taking something for my panic attacks.


And then the day after that, I go back to work. Back to reality.


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I just wanted to congratulate you and say job well done. I've been trying to pick up the phone to set up a possible job interview for weeks now and I won't do it.

I can't imagine telling my employment about my illness so I really truly respect you.

I wish I had your strength.

Best wishes to you.

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Thanks for the message, really, but just to clarify, I meant that they are aware I am taking tranquilizers, but they don't know about my depression nor about my anti-depressants. I'm sorry for the confusion! I'm not that brave either. :)

I have to edit my blog. I'm glad you wrote, really.

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