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Be Grateful.



In another forum I write in, the topic was "Wal-Mart worker dies after shoppers knock him down."

The copy of the article from New York stated he was 34 years old. He died from being trampled by a stampede of Black Friday shoppers.

This is my response to the senselessness, and what it means to me to "do without."

Never in my years have I ever had any desire to act stupid on Black Friday, and every year some stupid persons are hurt or hurt by stupid persons, and in this topic actually killed. Now that's really stupid!

I just wrote in my personal writings today about the state of the economy actually being positive by forcing society to realize what is really meaningful and of value, which is so often missed in the race to obtain. Nothing.

It's always aggravated me to know what it means to "do without," but yet have so much materialistically, and be so lonely with the meaningful "unmaterialistic" in a materialistic society, but yet again, I think of those who "do without" and all they can feel is the pangs of hunger, and yet again, someone is "doing without" a life, and a loved one.

Stop. And Be Grateful.


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