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Could someone define 'trigger' for me?



Not the simple meaning; I know what it means. But defining what falls into that category and what doesn't isn't simple.

For instance, I had intended to post (well, blog really) about my hospital stay last New Year's. I was going to describe some of the events there, most of which I would not have called disturbing, but ... How do I guess what would disturb others? Especially people with less pleasant memories of their own experiences?

And, does warning me somehow absolve me of responsibility?


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This is your blog, but you can put some words in your title to warn others of "possible triggers," "warning may trigger some," or "read with caution possible triggering information."

If you are worried about responsibility of someone being triggered by your blog..just make your title stand out, and maybe in the first sentences post another warning, and then the reading person has the decision to continue reading or leaving.

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I agree with Flow's suggestions. The main concern is to ensure that posts with depictions of self-harm or harm to others are tagged appropriately with some variation of [Trigger!]. This enables other members who are vulnerable and wish to avoid such posts to safely navigate this site. Should anyone come across threads and posts which contain such depictions without a warning tag, please put up a thread in the Feedback forum with a link to the thread so that an administrator or moderator can modify the title.

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