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I have Schizoaffective disorder. I am currently on Clozaril and I was thinking of asking my Psychiatrist for me to go on or even transition to Invega, as I have read that Invega is the only medication specifically for the treatment of Schizoaffective disorder. I was wondering if there were any other people here who are on Invega and if they could tell me what it's like to be on it.

Thank you!

P.S. I am thinking about transitioning off of Clozaril because Clozaril has worked to a degree, but I still feel many of my cognitive symptoms remain, and I still feel like Clozaril wasn't what I hoped it would be for me. Also, does Invega work/has it worked for your cognitive symptoms?

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I was on Invega for almost a year. At first, I loved it. Then, after a while, the shots started wearing off after 3 weeks and I went spend a week in total hell while waiting for my next shot. Each shot hurt worse and for longer than the last. I had a fear of needles before even starting Invega, but now I go into a full blown panic attack just seeing a needle because of my experience with Invega. This is just me though. People are different.

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