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What to do about high sex drive


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Okay so I'd like if everyone took this seriously. I am in a relationship with someone I very much love but they are asexual, and I am almost constantly getting sexual urges and thoughts about them, but I would never want to make them do something they don't want to. I could and would never EVER cheat on them, and I must be honest but I don't know how to masturbate. I mean I know how, and I am AFAB male (so I have a vagina) but I cannot feel much pleasure at all unless someone else is doing it, even if I was doing the exact thing as them.

So really my question is I need help with either controlling the urges or more importantly learning how to please myself, I am not able to purchase any sort of dildo or vibrator, please help thank you.

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Ok so my recommendation would be to allow the urges to come and go.masterbation is an enjoyable practice that you can learn to do with the genitalia that you have. I would suggest setting aside time each day for practice . Once you find you can orgasm with practice you will be able to not only satisfy your drive but masterbate any time you need to. exploration is your friend enjoy your body.

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